Captain André van Lill worked as a police cameraman for 34 out of 42 years in police service

6th June 2019

Captain André van Lill worked as a police cameraman for 34 out of 42 years in police service He has seen it all, just 8 years into his career as a police officer, Captain Andre van Lill started his career as a police cameraman. Captain just retired from Western Cape SAPs after 42 years of […]

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A notorious gangster escapes from prison

Top Criminal in France escapes Prison, Redoine Faid

7th July 2018

Top Criminal in France escapes Prison, Redoine Faid This is the second time in five years that the top criminal, Redoine Faid, is escaping from prison. This news was broken by the prison authorities in France. Read More: Police protest for salary rise Redoine is a French-Algerian by citizenship and he is infamous in France. The […]

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oakland police badge

Oakland Coffee House Bans Police Officers

10th March 2018

Oakland Coffee House Ban police Officers  Coffee in Oakland, Hasta Muerte,  bans police officers. That is an unwritten rule at this enterprise. The firm is collectively owned and it sells coffee and books. An officer with a badge froths the owners of this book store and coffee house. “We have a policy of asking police to […]

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Ouko points out defective Kenyan military aircraft 

5th March 2018

Ouko points out defective Kenyan military aircraft  The latest report of the Auditor General has revealed that Kenya’s military bought seven fighter jets worth Sh.1.5 billion that were later found to be defective.The jets were bought from Royal Jordanian  Airforce through government -to – government negotiations in April 2007.Further, the report has exposed funds wastage […]

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testing bullet proof vests

Bullet-proof Vest Testing gone wrong

5th March 2018

Bullet-proof vest Testing gone wrong Bullet-proof vest testing gone wrong in Houston. How do people test bullet-proof vests? One man in Houston tested by shooting another man wearing a bullet-proof vest at a party. The test failed and the man wearing the bullet-proof vest died. The police are searching the man who shot him on […]

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Rob O’Neil, the Navy Seal who Killed Osama thrown out of Plane

3rd March 2018

Rob O’Neil, the Navy Seal who Killed Osama bin Laden thrown out of Plane TMZ has reported that Rob O’Neill, the navy seal who shot and killed Osama bin Laden was too drunk to travel on the plane. Here is the story as it appeared on Read More: Michele Hanson dead Sharing is Caring:0

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Ghana Police logo

Government of Ghana Plans to Install CCTVs at all Police Posts

12th February 2018

 Government of Ghana Plans to Install CCTVs at all Police Posts The government of Ghana is planning to install Closed-Circuit Television (CCTVs) in all police stations in 216 districts. This initiative was announced by Ghana’s Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia. This is in an effort to promote security at the police stations across the country. In […]

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Private security guards

Role of Civil Society in private security governance

14th November 2017

Role of Civil Society in private security governance  Globally, private security is increasingly becoming an issue of concern and a thorn in the flesh of human rights. A lot need to be done to address the issues affecting private security governance. In this blog article we will cover ideas brought forth by Sabelo Gumedze of […]

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Islamic State Income has Dwindled by 80 per cent

30th June 2017

ISLAMIC STATE INCOME IS DWINDLING  According a study report by Thomson Reuters, The Islamic State once boasted of having $2 trillion in assets and $2.9 billion annual income. Currently, this is not the case. The Islamic State income has dwindled by 80% due to the lose of over two-thirds of the territory the caliphate once controlled. […]

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Designs for US-Mexico Border Wall

19th June 2017

The Crazy Proposals for US-Mexico Border Wall During his campaign to get into the Oval Office, the United States President Donald Trump promised that he will build a US-Mexico Border Wall to control the inflow of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the United States of America. The border wall is expected to be 1,900 miles […]

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London Terror Attacks Updates

4th June 2017

London Bridge Terror Attacks Last night there were horrific attacks in London. There is progress since the Metropolitan Police Service have arrested 12 individuals in Barking towards East London. United Kingdom Police received reports from the citizens about a white van that ploughed into two pedestrians on London Bridge. The white van was then driven […]

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Russian assassinations

8 prominent Russians have died in five months

27th March 2017

8 PROMINENT RUSSIANS ASSASSINATED IN 5 MONTHS  A total of eight (8) high profile Russians have died in the last 5 months alone. A number of these deaths have been seen to be suspect but the Russian government said there was no foul play. Below is the list:  Denis Voronokov (45): gunned outside a hotel […]

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internet fraud

World’s biggest digital Ads fraud exposed: It’s scaring!!!

3rd January 2017

Digital Ads fraud exposed: It’s scaring!!! White OPs, a specialized company in ad fraud detection has made a big discovery. Cyber security criminals from Russia have hatched the largest advertising frad scheme in the world. These fraudsters have already stolen millions of $$$$$$$$ from unsuspecting publishers and advertisers. They make use of fake video views. […]

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fake US Embassy in Ghana

Fake US Embassy in Ghana Busted

5th December 2016

Criminal gangs in Ghana operated a fake US embassy for over a decade. This illegal network is made up of gangs from Ghana and Turkey’s organized crimes.  The network issued illegally obtained visas (authentic) to the unsuspecting people. It is interesting that the pink, two storey building has a flag flying over it. Inside it, […]

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Patrick Shaw: Kenya’s own James Bond

19th October 2016

Kenya’s James Bond: Patrick Shaw  Patrick Shaw was a police reservist who also worked as an administrator at Starehe Boys Centre. It is reported that he was the most feared police officer in Kenya. He was the son of a London doctor. He had migrated to Nairobi in 1955 to work as an agricultural Officer. […]

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Yahoo, Gmail, security

Making Your Email hack-proof

25th September 2016

Here is what to do if your Yahoo Account is Hacked You should not ignore the recent hack on Yahoo. The company reported on Thursday that over 500 million users’ accounts were hacked via massive data bleach. This happen back in 2014 when the evil hackers stole personal data such as telephone numbers, passwords, names […]

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Jeep Cherokee.

Beware! Car Thieves have Become Hackers

9th August 2016

Gone are the days when car thieves used to by jamming a screwdriver into the ignition or cutting a few wires to switch on the car. These thieves have now graduated into a new territory. They have become hi-tech. Engadget was the first one to report this saddening news that we car owners are not […]

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Rio Olympic

Rio Olympics Statistics

5th August 2016

Today, I was surprised to read in Kenya’s daily newspapers that 12 members of parliament will be heading to Rio, Brazil to attend the Olympic games. They will stay in Rio for the next three weeks to watch, hear and smell the games. Meanwhile, over 20 major companies are providing ICT services at Rio. These […]

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Find Out how ATM Cards are becoming Obsolete!

16th July 2016

It seems that SmartPhones are getting new uses on a daily basis. The most recent use being withdrawing of money from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) at least it is operational in the United States. Imagine withdrawing money from your bank account using your smartphone. You will no longer worry about forgetting your Personal Identification Number […]

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Dallas Police Pioneer in Use of Killer Robot

10th July 2016

On Thursday, the police used a robot to kill a man who shot and fatally injured five Dallas Police Officers. This is reported to be the first time the police is using a robot to carry out their duties. People from all over the world have been asking the following questions: What Happened? There was […]

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