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You should not ignore the recent hack on Yahoo because I hope its in your interest to have a hack proof email. The company reported on Thursday that over 500 million users’ accounts were hacked via massive data bleach. This happen back in 2014 when the evil hackers stole personal data such as telephone numbers, passwords, names and emails. Imagine what the criminals will do with all that private information.

It is paramount for us to be prepared for that rainy day through having in place the hack proof email . The first habit you should develop is changing of account passwords on a regular basis. Also consider changing the security questions from time-to-time to achieve the hack proof email .

If you use the same password on other email accounts, make sure you change those as well.

Stay safe.

Change passwords regularly

Always update your passwords to be a step ahead of the hackers. This is particularly urgent if you have never changed the same since 2014. It is better to be safe than sorry because sometimes you may not even know when an account is hacked. For instance, it took Yahoo two years to learn about the breach!

Avoid using the same password twice

Follow this advice religiously. Never use one password twice for online accounts. Failure to follow this advice, your accounts will easily be compromised.

Go for better Passwords

Avoid single words and instead go for phrases as passwords. This is because single words are easy to guess. Always choose words that usually do not go together.  Do not fall into a trap of using common passwords such as “password” or “123456. Have a mix of numbers, characters and letters. That way you will achieve a hack proof email. 

Other options:

  • Make use of password managers
  • Update security questions regularly
  • Be on the lookout. Start by looking at your outbox. Some hackers may be sending emails on your behalf.
  • Be carefully about opening downloads or clicking on links from strange emails.
  • Never share your account information with anyone. I mean “ANYONE”.
  • Always turn on the two-factor authentication. This means to access your account, a code has to be sent to your mobile phone.

We hope you found this article useful. It is our sincere hope that once there is another data bleach, you will be on the safer side.
All the best friends.

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