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Kerosi Dotcom is a leading finance, business, public policy and technology blog. We aim at producing premium content to keep you informed and entertained.

We interview people as we travel around Kenya and around the world and share all perspectives with you. Our content can be defined as constantly updated, strong, dynamic and presented with an authoritative voice. Above all our content is data-driven. We tell hidden stories as revealed from data mining, analysis and presentation.

We aim at exposing things that individuals or organizations want to be secrets. Therefore, we combine the rigor of academia with fun and passion.

My articles have been published on: 

  1. TRUE: Kenya’s counties received Ksh1.5 trillion in Equitable Share since 2013;  on PesaCheck website 

  2. Bumpy road to cheaper homes ; on People Daily;

  3. CDF is a sinking ship, appeals notwithstanding; on theEastAfrican

  4. How feasible is the Housing component of Kenya’s Big Four Agenda? by Pesa Check

  5. Agriculture, Rural and Urban Development Sector in Kenya: Analysis of budget estimates FY 2016/2017. by International Budget Partnership Kenya;

  6. Does Kenya have a “healthy” mix of bilateral debt? by Tuko.co.ke; msn;

Geoffrey Kerosi’s Curriculum Vitae – The editor-in-chief 

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