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In the past all government-sponsored university students were admitted to public universities only. This is changing soon. It all started with a meeting held at State House where the President directed private universities admit 10,000 state-sponsored university students. The meeting was attended by Vice Chancellors and Chairpersons for both private and public universities in Kenya.

Reliable sources also revealed to the media houses that university entry cut-off points will be lowered by two points. Male students’ entry points have been lowered from 60 to 58. On the other hand, female students’ points lowered to 56 from 58. This will have an effect of increasing the number of students joining university to an all-time high of 84,388. A total of 74,388 students have already been admitted to pursue studies at the public universities across the country.

Currently, there are a total of 17 charted private universities in Kenya and another 5 private university constituent colleges. The Cabinet Secretary stated that those students selected to join university and wish to change courses have another option of applying for the same at private universities.

8 thoughts on “Private Universities in Kenya to Admit 10,000 Government-Sponsored Students

  1. if one had applied for a diploma can he still apply for the private university chance?
    please help

    1. It is possible if you have attained the cutoff points as indicated in the article. You can change and apply for a degree programme.

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