Dot Trust Kenya is bent on promoting Information Communication Technology (ICT) education among Kenyan youths. Today, the organization held a workshop for Institute of Advanced Technology students at the Hurlingham Campus near Yaya Center.
The Civil Society Organization emphasized that there are many opportunities online. It is important that youth engage on constructive activities while online.
ICT in Numbers
“Currently, 26% of Africans are online with 90% of that population accessing internet on mobile.”

Role of Smartphones
Smartphone Penetration is still low in Africa at 12 percent compared to 13% in India and 64% in United Kingdom.
students were encouraged to have an online presence. This is because nowadays people do not go online, they live there.

Why Go Online

The following principles are in favor of companies or individuals going online:

  • Moore’s law
  • Law of complementary goods
  • Economies of scale
  • First to market
  • Metcalfe’s law and
  • Amara’s law

Website tips
Students were advised to design websites that loads quickly, have optimized images. It is also important to to maintain a consistent design and review other sites for innovative ideas.

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