White OPs, a specialized company in ad fraud detection has made a big discovery. Cyber security criminals from Russia have hatched the largest advertising frad scheme in the world.

These fraudsters have already stolen millions of $$$$$$$$ from unsuspecting publishers and advertisers. They make use of fake video views.

The illegal operation is nicknamed “Methbot.” In this respect they operate like the military. In Kenya when the government was invading the Alshabaab, they nicknamed it as “Operation Linda Nchi.”

The Russian hackers are reported to have an army of bots whose mission is to watch as many as 300 million ad videos every single day.

This is how they end up tricking advertisers into paying them millions of $$$$$$$$$$ for fake video views!!!

When did this start?

This fraud business started in September 2016 and for that time they have stolen over USD$180 million.

Why should we be scared?

  • the fraudsters are highly sophisticated
  • they use custom software which makes the bots appear human in their actions 
  • they have created fake versions of the leading publishers such as Mashable, CNN and BuzzFeed among others.
  • They have even created fake platforms such as Quora, Facebook and Yahoo among others.
  • Brand sites such as Pokemon and Air France are not spared either!

Every day they view between 200 million to 300 million. This generates them up to $5 million on any given day.

Watch out you may be the next target!!!

Read the full report by clicking HERE

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