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Rio Olympic
Rio Olympic Offices. Photo: wikimedia commons

Today, I was surprised to read in Kenya’s daily newspapers that 12 members of parliament will be heading to Rio, Brazil to attend the Olympic games. They will stay in Rio for the next three weeks to watch, hear and smell the games.

Meanwhile, over 20 major companies are providing ICT services at Rio. These include: CISCO, Sumsang, Embratel and Omega. 

Major Statistics at Rio Olympics 

  • 38 competition venues 

  • 25,100 members of the press

  • 4 areas – Maracana, Barra, Copacana, Deodoro

  • 4,350 Paralympic athletes

  • 10,000 – Olympic athletes 

Information Communication Technology (ICT) statistics 

  • 1 integration Test Lab 

CISCO LAN access points.
CISCO LAN access points. Source: wikimedia commons
  • 100,000 Local Area Network (LAN) access points 

  • 588 Information Technology projects 

  • 7,000 wireless access points 

  • 550 high speed corporate servers 

  • 150  IDS/IPS/firewalls

  • 5,400 ICT technicians on site 

  • 2 data centers in Sao Paulo and Rio 

  • Olympic Committee Tele-presence (sets history)

Olympic games is a mega event that consumes a lot of resources. 


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