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The Crazy Proposals for US-Mexico Border Wall

During his campaign to get into the Oval Office, the United States President Donald Trump promised that he will build a US-Mexico Border Wall to control the inflow of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the United States of America.

The border wall is expected to be 1,900 miles in length and will cost USD$21.6 billion. The US Homeland Security fielded an open call for wall design proposals.

Several artists, architects and construction companies have submitted their designs. A number of those proposals are just a pure protect again the erection of the wall on the US-Mexico border. This is because the walls prosed have some extra-features and in some cases they are not walls at all.

  • A Shared Park between US and Mexico

This proposal was made by Wesley Thomson, Josie Baldner and Hiroshi Kaneko.

  • Hyperloop wall

This is a transportation system that will cost $1 trillion and will be powered by solar farms.

  • A wall made up of one-way Plexiglass

This wall was proposed by Penna Group, a construction company based in Forth Worth in Texas.

  • A wall that is fitted with Solar Panels

This idea was proposed by Gleason Partners based in Las Vegas. The company claims that that wall will be able to produce power that will repay the cost of construction in the next two decades.

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