Sharing is Caring

There has been a standoff on the amount that should be allocated to counties as equitable share. The stalemate was between the Senate and National Assembly. The good news is that the stalemate has been resolved at last. 

Now counties are going to receive a total of Ksh. 302 billion. This was reached courtesy of the mediation committee. This has now made it possible for the Division of Revenue Bill to be approved.

Last week, the Senate rejected the Division of Revenue Bill because it had proposed to allocate Ksh. 291 billion to the 47 counties for the next year.

This failure to enact relevant legislations at the national level is the reason why most counties have not enacted their budgets.

The members of mediation committee are as listed below:

National Assembly representatives:

  1. Mutava Musyimi,
  2. Mary Emase,
  3. Christopher Omulele
  4. Richard Onyonka

Senate representatives:

  1. Billow Kerrow,
  2. Beatrice Elachi,
  3. Dr Agnes Zani and
  4. Mutula Kilonzo Junior.

It’s our sincere hope that all the counties will be able to enact their budgets before county assemblies are dissolved.

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