Finnish company makes food “out of thin air”

10th August 2019

Finnish company makes food “out of thin air” A company from Finland, Solar Foods, has discovered ways of making food “out of thin air.  The company announced that the food will soon be made available for human consumption at grocery stores.  It is now evident that engineers can also contribute to serious food security. This […]

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Chinese Military

Chinese defense budget 2019

21st January 2019

Chinese defense budget 2019 Chinese defense budget 2019 is ranked as the second largest in the world at $215 billion. This budget is expected to keep growing every year into the unforeseen future. The country owns a brand-new aircraft carrier. Despite the huge budget the Chinese government is reported to have reduced the number of solders in […]

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IBM has more patents than entire Germany

9th January 2019

IBM has more patents than entire Germany It’s shocking that International Business Machines Corp (IBM) has registered more patents than the entire Germany as a country as reported by @AshokaMody. Check the table below: And; Read More: David Murathe resigns as Jubilee Party Vice Chair President Jair Bolsonaro vows to clean up “Marxist trash” in […]

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Technohama washing machine invented in Kenya

24th December 2018

Technohama washing machine invented in Kenya Technohama is a wonderful machine which cleans clothes and helps users/operators lose weight or maintain fitness. Clothes are put in the Technohama machine, powder soap and water is added. The Technohama machine was invented by a Kenyan and it has dual benefits. That is cleaning clothes and achieving physical fitness. […]

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11th July 2018

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Using advanced technology has proven that we can produce more as compared to human power. For instance at the Auburn University campus, there is a robotic brick layer. Robots have been useful in lowering construction costs as well as providing a solution for inadequate labor force. This is how Mises Wire describes the […]

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Test GoPro Camera Fail

8th April 2018

Testing GoPro Camera Fail Read More: LAPSSET Corridor Projects updates Sharing is Caring:0

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European Union

Information Technology Firms in Europe to take down terrorist content

3rd March 2018

Information Technology Firms in Europe to take down terrorist content Information Technology Firms in Europe to take down terrorist content, the European Union (EU) has given technology firms just 1 hour to take down all terrorist content from their platforms. The EU recommended those companies that they should employ people to review and take down […]

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Smartphone addiction is real

Is Smartphone addiction real

3rd February 2018

Is Smartphone addiction real Is smartphone addiction real? I think so. Do not get into this trap. In the USA mobile addication has been declared epidemic. Check below statistics according to Forbes: – Americans check their cellphones or mobile devices over 9 billion times per day;  – 50% also check their phones in the middle […]

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Civil Society representatives from Amnesty International, Hakijamii and SCHORA during the award of Trophy to JKUAT debating champions

JKUAT Emerged Winner in Intervarsity Human Rights Debate 2017

9th January 2018

JKUAT Emerged Winner in Intervarsity Human Rights Debate 2017 Today, Amnesty International (Kenya), Hakijamii and EachRights paid a courtesy call to the Office of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Vice Chancellor, Prof Mabel Imbuga. JKUAT currently has a student population of 45,000 students and there are 50 registered groups in the institution. […]

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ZDNet History- Technology News Portal

4th January 2018

ZDNet History – Technology News Portal ZDNet is a general technology news portal which was founded in 1st April, 1991 by Ziff Davids. The site serves 36 million users every month with content focused on information technology. Larry Dignan is the current editor of the online publication. The website has operations abroad in: France, United Kingdom, […]

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Top Blogs in Economics, Politics and Technology

14th August 2017

Top Blogs in Economics, Politics and Technology This is my reading list of top blogs in economics, politics and technology.  These are the topics I am passionate about: Economics  Technology  Politics  General List – all topics  Economics Podcasts  Click on the above links and enjoy reading!! 🙂 🙂 Sharing is Caring:0

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H5 Zoom Handy recorder LCD Screen.


10th August 2017

2017-08-10 2:21:14 PM HOW TO ESTABLISH A PODCAST, STEP-BY-STEP Introduction Podcasting is a serious way of reaching out to millions of people out there. This is something which started several years ago and it’s not about to slow down any time soon. the following information will help you on how to establish a podcast. Research […]

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beam robots

Beam will Change the Way we work

28th March 2017

Technology is changing the way we live and work.  Beam robots were made by Suitable Technologies to allow people to interact with robots at the place of work. This is what the company calls Tele-presence.  Scott Hassan believes that working remotely will be made easier with beam robots.  The danger is that technology will take […]

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internet addiction

Internet Addition Rehab Camps in China

9th January 2017

INTERNET ADDICTION IS REAL!!! Are you or any of your family member addicted to the internet? If yes, thank God you are not in China. In China there is dangerous internet addiction rehab camps. Parents in China have developed a tendency to send their teenage boys and girls to these camps for “treatment.” It is […]

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free online courses

How to Use Technology to Get a Head of the Competition

5th September 2016

When working in the technology sector it is very expensive to stagnate in any way. This is because technological transformation is a central theme in most organizations. It is especially the case for company executives who have to embrace life-long learning. It is no longer possible to leave the technology aspect of your company to […]

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technology and banking

Check what technology has done to our banks!

5th August 2016

The Central Bank of Kenya through their report, Banking Supervision Annual Report 2015 indicated that over 700 bankers lost their jobs in 2015 due to technology. This is the ugly side of technology. After automation of routine tasks some of the jobs in the banking industry became redundant. It is anticipated that in future, banks […]

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GPS technology

Latest Technology Inventions in ICT industry

3rd August 2016

Written by: Risper Buyeke Latest technology inventions in cloud computing will greatly influence how we use our mobile devices and computers. Cloud computing is where file storage and tasks on the computer are performed and stored in another place. By the use of internet, you connect to a service that has infrastructure, architecture and software […]

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Over 4.6 million jobs in Australia to become obsolete!

30th July 2016

AUSTRALIA Findings of a research published by CodeCamp, LinkedIn and Expert360 indicates the following jobs in Australia will soon be fully automated and make jobs obsolete: Food services and accommodation Retail Support services Manufacturing Warehousing Administrative The Australian government has laid down plans to help her citizens ride on the looming technology wave. The following are […]

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Challenges Faced When Recruiting for Software Companies

25th June 2016

a) Geographic Constraints Efforts to identify and recruit talented developers are normally constraint by geographical factors. You should not worry about it because there are advanced technologies that makes life easier. Companies can now hire talented staff location notwithstanding. As a company grows, there is need for you to create corporate culture even in cases […]

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