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The Forbes Technology Council reports that attending college and earning the diplomas, degrees and post-graduates is not enough. The future technology leaders are built from working closely with others, having a high level of curiosity and working on projects away from the schoolwork.

President Obama speaking to Facebook Founder. Wikimedia Commons
President Obama speaking to Facebook Founder. Wikimedia Commons

This blog aims to gather in one place the best advice for young people around the globe who aspire to become technology giants later on in life. If you have a dream to pursue a career in technology you are in the right place. The following ideas will be handy:

  1. Combine classwork with practical experience

Always note that classwork is critical in becoming a technology giant but do not forget to get practical experience from the real world. Start you own projects and show them off to the world. Talk to the investors and current practitioners. Start by assisting the upcoming social sector organizations to fix or design their websites. Look around for open source projects and build your portfolio by working on online sites such as freelancer.

  1. Practice Constant Curiosity

Design industry is the best place for software engineers to learn from. As much as you are in love with computer science, do not forget to have empathy for humanity. Develop both your technical mindset but also your human-centered mind. This might create a completely new different field of knowledge.

  1. Attend extra courses, attend seminars and Summer Camps to build extra Skills

As a computer science expert, learn to exploit both offline and online opportunities to improve core skills. Always take these courses on top of your school work. This will be excellent preparation to build your attractiveness to employers and prospective clients.

  1. Initiate a personal Project

You can test whether you real like to code or not. There are a number of ways to do so. Start your own project and see whether you will achieve the goal. Use tutorials to develop applications for the market. Start building the apps, make changes and then launch it. If you do not like it, then choose a different path for your career.

  1. Choose a college that encourages collaboration

In Computer information systems, there are complex problems that need to be solved. If you prove that you can learn one computer language, then it is likely that you will learn another one easily. People skills are more powerful. This means, you should learn to operate as part of a team, inspire and lead them to create powerful products.

  1. Never allow School to Interfere with you education

Avoid being a jack of all trades and be an expert in something. Use the expose you get in college to determine the language you like most and specialize on it. Specialize on it, while in and out of school. The solution is to practice, practice and practice.

  1. Work on Side Hustles (Projects)

Remember, the more work you engage in outside the classwork, the more you increase your chances of getting hired after graduation. Start and work on projects that have an impact in real users. This is an indicator of passion as well as motivation. These are great assets for any businesses organizations.

  1. Exhibit your Passion to the World

Success in software engineering starts with passion. Use you programming skills to develop your hobbies. These are the projects that prospective employers will use to evaluate your coding skills. Find out whether you are good at database, UI or data analysis.

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