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Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The 5G means, fifth generation network. This network is expected to be faster than the existing 3G and 4G networks.

The signing of a manifesto marks the beginning of future mobile networks. The manifesto promises to launch 5G mobile networks which are faster. The process will start with the European Union by the year 2020.

The companies have noted that the existing neutrality regulations will be a barrier to proper implementation of 5G network. The companies that signed the manifesto include Deutsche Telecom, BT, Vodafone, Orange and Nokia.

On the web all internet data is given equal treatment. The proponents of neutrality believe that this is the best way to promote free and open competition on the internet.

All regulators around the world have to review their neutrality guidelines if their people are to harness the power of 5G networks. One of the requirements of the manifesto is that each of the signatory will launch 5G network in at least one city of the European Union member states by 2020.

Telecom companies now need to be assured of stability in the regulatory spheres to last for the period of their investments in the proposed 5G network infrastructure.

Has anyone seen 5G Network in Africa?

Not yet there! But Econet Wireless is planning to launch 5G mobile network. The company noted that not all parts of Zimbambwe have 3G and 4G mobile network but they are also looking keenly at the possibility of rolling out the 5G network.


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