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India is the home of millions of application developers. The country is still attracting the biggest technology companies to set base and train millions of other software app developers on mobile operating systems. This training by Google will be carried out over a period of three years.


As a response to Google’s plans, Apple announced their plans to set up a training center in Bangalore. The two companies aim at improving performance, quality and design.

India is estimated to have a total of four million software developers by 2018. At that time, this will be the largest population of software developers globally. Statistics show that less than 25% of the current stock of developers are trained to work on mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry OS,Symbia, Palm OS and WebOS).

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According to Peter Lubbers, Google’s senior program manager, the future of the internet is on mobile platforms.  This is one of the reasons why Google is focusing on end-to-end Android training programs. The android developer certification comes up is handy if you are to benefit in the application development world!

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