Hiring Solutions
Hiring Solutions

a) Geographic Constraints
Efforts to identify and recruit talented developers are normally constraint by geographical factors. You should not worry about it because there are advanced technologies that makes life easier. Companies can now hire talented staff location notwithstanding. As a company grows, there is need for you to create corporate culture even in cases where people work from remote locations. This can be made possible by organizing frequent travels for your remote team to attend building events at the headquarters.
b) Evaluation of Experienced Developers
During an interview, it is an uphill task to carry out evaluation of experienced developers. Experience has shown us that there are two things which are always effective. One, is to start the process with a group interview in the presence of all or most of the key members of the team. This will be necessary in order to ask the relevant questions and determine whether the prospective candidate will fit in your company culture. Secondly, assign a small take away assignment that the candidates will submit for evaluation.
c) Fast Decision-Making
Design a well-defined interview process to be able to point out important characteristics and traits. This should be accompanied by core set of skills. This is why when we are hiring for our clients, we come across a talented candidate, we make sure we conduct all the interview activities within a single day to facilitate quick decision-making within a short period of time. This includes sending an offer to candidates who qualify. We never delay when we get a great talent.
d) Attracting Talent
Here at Kerosi Technologies, we take the challenge of attracting experienced developers who work for our clients. We understand that our clients find it difficult to get the right team to work with in-house. You can overcome this obstacle by outsourcing software development, testing and maintenance services to us. You will have more time to handle your core business activities.
e) Lack of Trust on Resumes
Nowadays, it is rare for employers to trust a resume and make decisions based on it. You cannot just find talent through reviewing resumes. There are very few people who live up to their qualifications as indicated in writing. This is why sometimes, we have to conduct multiple interviews to evaluate and test prospective employees before offering them a job.
f) Locating Talent
It has become increasing difficult to find talent that exactly fits your business requirements. The process is always involving in terms of time and energy. There are many factors to evaluate before settling on a particular person. However, outsourcing companies like Kerosi Technologies have a great role to play in lifting the hiring burden from your solders. We do a lot legwork for you to ensure you get the right people to work for your organization. All we need from you is to supply us with the specifications and wait to receive a list of qualified candidates. This will greatly reduce the amount of time spent on hiring staff.
g) Selling your culture to Developers
It is a fact that most of the top-notch developers have well-paying jobs at leading companies. Therefore, there is a challenge in how to entice them to switch to your company. You will have to think around your company culture and work life balance in order to tip the existing balance. You will have to exhibit your organization culture. We therefore encourage you to ask your employees to write honest reviews about your organization. Prospective recruits real love the kind of transparency displayed in such case.

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