Month: June 2016

PROMOTED CONTENT: Google AdWords Overview

30th June 2016

At Kerosi Technologies Limited we help in Driving high-quality leads to your organization’s website which ultimately convert into more sales. We use tools such as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. Google AdWords is a PPC service powered by the globe’s biggest search engine. It makes available to you advanced tools and techniques for finding people who […]

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Email Marketing 101

29th June 2016

Email marketing has been transformed thanks to the emerging technologies. We now have access to new ways of communicating customized messages. You can base your messages on the receiver’s purchasing history, interests and other preferences. This new way of sending messages is associated with greater outcomes. There are a few things that you need to […]

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Ensuring Safety While Using Windows 10

28th June 2016

As I write this article I understand that there are some people who are still using Windows XP. Therefore, Windows 10 is not the Windows that most people are used to. This is a Windows that exists in both the cloud and on PC. I am going to show you ways of locking it down […]

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Wi-Fi Installations Services

27th June 2016

We supply professional Wi-Fi services to clients across the Kenya. Whether you run schools, offices, factories, healthcare facilities or hotels, you need wireless internet and we are prepared to consult with you, carry out site surveys and install Wi-Fi services. We always offer customized services from any standard vendor. This includes Cisco, Dlink and Linksys. […]

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Challenges Faced When Recruiting for Software Companies

25th June 2016

a) Geographic Constraints Efforts to identify and recruit talented developers are normally constraint by geographical factors. You should not worry about it because there are advanced technologies that makes life easier. Companies can now hire talented staff location notwithstanding. As a company grows, there is need for you to create corporate culture even in cases […]

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British Exit (Briexit) will Cause Pain on Tech Start-Ups

22nd June 2016

Tomorrow, Thursday 23rd June, 2016 a nationwide referendum will be held in UK to determine whether the country will exit or remain in the European Union. This is commonly referred to us Brexit. This event has already attracted attention from every one. The Bank of England, George Soros, Richard Branson and President Barrack Obama has […]

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About Kerosi Technologies

18th June 2016

Kerosi Technologies is a limited private company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The company was incorporated under Companies Act, 2015 on 5th April, 2016. We aim at becoming a global leader in technology, outsourcing and consulting. That way, we will enable our clients to outperform their competition and stay ahead of the game. We provide enterprises […]

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