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Kerosi Technologies Limited is a private company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The company’s main asset is Kerosi Blog located at

Kerosi Technologies Limited is one of the top tech companies in Kenya. The company was incorporated under Companies Act, 2015 on 5th April, 2016.

Kerosi Technologies Limited has a mission of becoming a global leader in technology, outsourcing and consulting. That way, it hopes to be enable their clients to outperform their competition and stay ahead of the game.

Kerosi Technologies Limited provide enterprises with great insights on the future of their business through cloud computing, data analytics, knowledge process outsourcing, back office, design services, consultancy, software engineering, security services, media, live streaming, filming, video editing and gaming services.

As one of the top tech companies in Kenya, Kerosi Technologies Limited, is helping clients generate more value from their operations.

Kerosi Technologies People

Great service delivery starts with great people at this one of the Top tech companies in Kenya. Kerosi Technologies limited, employs specialists in service delivery. These are people who share their values, willing and ready to go an extra mile for clients. They are always ready to look beyond their responsibilities and work in teams to practice new ideas.

Kerosi Technologies Limited has invested in improving people’s capabilities through performance management and rigorous coaching. The company values investment in core skills and acquisition of tools need for great service delivery.

Kerosi Technologies Limited Owner 

Kerosi Technologies Limited is owned by Geoffrey Kerosi. An internet entrepreneur based in Nairobi City, Kenya.

Kerosi Technologies Limited Office

Kerosi Technologies has its headquarters in Limuru town. At the office the company provides services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), internet marketing, Social media marketing and content development for clients.

Kerosi Technologies Limited Logo

The company has a logo which it uses in all its official transactions and online activities below is the Kerosi Technologies Limited logo.

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kerosi technologies limited jobs

There are no job vacancies currently. Keep checking their website and subscribe to be the first one to know when the company has job opportunities.

kerosi technologies limited financials

The annual report for Kerosi Technologies Limited will be posted here starting from 2023.

Kerosi Technologies Limited contacts

You can reach Kerosi Technologies through email or call phone +254 713 639 776.

GOT a story? RING Kerosi Dotcom on +254 20 78 64348 or EMAIL


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