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public participation in Nairobi

Public participation for 21st Century democracy

21st August 2018

Public participation in the 21st Century democracy involves analysis of policy documents and presentation of oral and written proposals to the state.

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Effects of Provision of Universal Childcare Centers

20th August 2018

Effects of Provision of Universal Childcare Centers On August 13, 2018 one Will McGrew authored a great article Equitable Blog (owned by Washington Center of Equitable Growth). The article focuses on benefits associated with provision of universal childcare centers by Norwegian government. In 2002, the Norwegian parliament adopted a law  which made available childcare centers […]

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#WorldPhotographyDay: Inspiring Story of Dickey Chapelle 

19th August 2018

#WorldPhotographyDay: Inspiring Story of Dickey Chapelle Dickey Chapelle was one of the world’s most fearless conflict journalists and the 1st woman photojournalist to die in the line of duty covering a war in Vietnam. By the time of her death she had worked on numerous assignments in conflict zones around the world. She died aged 41 […]

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Yinka Ayefele


19th August 2018

YINKA AYEFELE MUSIC HOUSE DEMOLISHED  It seems that the wave for demolition of illegal housing structures is not happening in Kenya only. It has spread from Nairobi to Ibadan (Oyo State). Last night the Oyo State government embarked on demolishing a building which houses Yinka Atefele Music House and Fresh FM 105.9. This is so […]

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Sex workers in France from 1700s.

History of Prostitution in France in 1700s

19th August 2018

France just like any country in the world has a long history of Prostitution. Here is an account from 1700.

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Immigrants built Australia

16th August 2018

Immigrants built Australia Australia has grown faster than expected and the Central Bank Chief Philip Lowe has said that Immigrants built Australia. This credited to their superior performance at their place of work. Immigrants built Australia and other countries are not recognizing that and they are becoming more and more anti-foreigners including President Donald Trump whose […]

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Espionage agent

Espionage cases 

15th August 2018

Espionage cases We have read numerous media articles of spies who are intercepted before they sell their secrets to countries like China, Libya, Iraq and Russia among others. This is called espionage and it is practiced by some countries, individuals and commercial firms. You may also have watched numerous films with a story like that. […]

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Youths and Politics. Youth do so much for politicians during campaigns but politicians do little afterwards to promote the youths after elections.

Youth participation in elections

10th August 2018

Youth participation in elections is very active but when it comes to allocation of resources, they are ever marginalized.

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Quality Assurance, Nairobi City County education sector.

Is Ksh 2 Million enough for Quality Assurance in Education in Nairobi?

5th August 2018

Is Ksh 2 Million enough for Quality Assurance in Education in Nairobi? Quality assurance in education is a very important component in any education system. We are just wondering whether an allocation of Ksh 2 million is enough for a city with 4.5 million people out of which a majority are children of school-going age. […]

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Early Childhood development education in Nairobi County

5th August 2018

Governor Mike Sonko of Nairobi City County introduced free Early Childhood Development Education in 2018. In this video episode we are discussing how free is free education?

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Kenya economic survey 2018

4th August 2018

Kenya economic survey 2018 According to Kenya Economic Survey 2018, in the financial year 2017/2018 the national government expenditure was expected to reach Ksh. 2.7 trillion. Development expenditure was expected to reach Ksh. 670.6 billion while recurrent expenditure was Ksh. 2.2 trillion. Tax revenue was estimated to hit Ksh. 1.4 trillion. This is the amount […]

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Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner the blogger who saved the economy

4th August 2018

Scott Sumner the blogger who saved the economy This is the blogger who saved the economy and this is his life story. I hope you will enjoy reading and remember to leave comments in the comments section below. When he started blogging, he did not know that people would read his blogs. But people gave […]

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Government and business ethics in politics 

3rd August 2018

Government and business ethics in politics For many years people have argued that governments can be more effective and efficient if they are run like firms. For example in 1938, New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia promised to run the city the same way he would operate his own business. In 1992 every time Ross […]

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Protests in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe protests 2018

1st August 2018

Zimbabwe protests 2018 In this article we highlight of the the Zimbabwe protests 2018. Reports reaching us from Harare is that violent protests erupted in Zimbabwe after the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) which is the main the main opposition party claimed that the election results were fake. The MDC presidential candidate claimed that he had […]

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