Rugby World Cup Update

5th October 2019

The 2019 edition of the Rugby World Cup is ongoing in Japan. Australia has beaten Uruguay 45-10. Other fixtures scheduled for today are :England vs Argentina Japan vs Samoa Sharing is Caring:0

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Sydney Opal Tower


28th December 2018

SYDNEY’S OPAL TOWERS HAS A CRACK WHICH MAKES IT DANGEROUS FOR OCCUPANTS On Monday 24 December 2018 many people had to leave their homes in a 38-storey tower in Sydney, Australia. This was cause by a crack on its wall. The crack was on a support wall on the 10th floor of the building. Engineers […]

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World wilderness Map showing 5 Countries of wilderness

5th November 2018

World wilderness Map showing 5 Countries of wilderness The newest World wilderness map shows that 70% of the world’s wilderness is in just 5 countries. A study conducted by University of Queensland has revealed that 70% of the world wilderness is found in Brazil, USA, Australia, Russia and Canada. Conservationists are now calling for the […]

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Immigrants built Australia

16th August 2018

Immigrants built Australia Australia has grown faster than expected and the Central Bank Chief Philip Lowe has said that Immigrants built Australia. This credited to their superior performance at their place of work. Immigrants built Australia and other countries are not recognizing that and they are becoming more and more anti-foreigners including President Donald Trump whose […]

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New Protesting Style seen in Australia

19th December 2016

TAKING PROTESTS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!!! On Saturday 17th December, 2016 Australians showed their prowess in protesting. Hundreds of people gathered at parliament house in Canberra for a mass protest roll. The Australian government was planning to build a security fence that would effectively block access to the hill as well as other capital […]

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Over 4.6 million jobs in Australia to become obsolete!

30th July 2016

AUSTRALIA Findings of a research published by CodeCamp, LinkedIn and Expert360 indicates the following jobs in Australia will soon be fully automated and make jobs obsolete: Food services and accommodation Retail Support services Manufacturing Warehousing Administrative The Australian government has laid down plans to help her citizens ride on the looming technology wave. The following are […]

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