Equity or equality in allocation of resources at the counties?

26th January 2019

Allocation of resources in Kenya has mostly been based on the concept of equality instead of equity. This practice should re-evaluated.

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Chinese News Agency in Nairobi

Chinese media footprint is fast expanding in Africa

21st January 2019

Chinese media footprint is fast expanding in Africa China has a great footprint in the development of infrastructure in Africa. One of the areas where the new economic power is being felt is in media. This is a mixed-use building which will house Xinhua News Agency’s African Regional Bureau in Nairobi. This means that the […]

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public participation in Nairobi

Public participation for 21st Century democracy

21st August 2018

Public participation in the 21st Century democracy involves analysis of policy documents and presentation of oral and written proposals to the state.

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Yaya Shopping Center

Kilimani Area Nairobi

2nd July 2017

KILIMANI AREA, NAIROBI  During the colonial times, Kilimani area was set aside for whites only. Segregation. This place was only integrated for all people starting from 1960s.    There are important addresses in Kilimani. For instance, State House is located in Kilimani area.  Yaya Shopping Center   This is a jewelry of Kilimani area of Nairobi.  […]

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