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China has a great footprint in the development of infrastructure in Africa. One of the areas where the new economic power is being felt is in media.

  Xinhua News Agency
Photo: Chinese media is seeking to have a wide footprint in Africa. The photo above capture the ongoing construction of Xinhua News Agency Offices along Ring Road Kilimani in Nairobi City
Xinhua News Agency Tower in Nairobi

This is a mixed-use building which will house Xinhua News Agency’s African Regional Bureau in Nairobi.

Photo: Ongoing construction of Xinhua News Agency Africa Region Bureau headquarters in Kilimani, Nairobi City

This means that the 16 storey building will be used for both office and residential purposes. The construction of the Xinhua New Agency Tower is expected to be completed next month (February, 2019). The building is also expected to house the Chinese Global Television Network.

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