Youths and Politics. Youth do so much for politicians during campaigns but politicians do little afterwards to promote the youths after elections.

Youth participation in elections

10th August 2018

Youth participation in elections is very active but when it comes to allocation of resources, they are ever marginalized.

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Political Campaigns in Kenya Enter the Home Stretch

4th August 2017

Political Campaigns In Kenya Enter the Home Stretch  Political campaigns in Kenya have started, the politicians have been campaigning for a long time. It has been a lot of hard work. Waking up earlier, sleeping late and missing main meals during the day. For presidential candidates, it involved travelling to all parts of the country. […]

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Uhuru Kenyatta Snubs Raila Odinga During Madaraka Day Celebrations

1st June 2017

The National Super Alliance Presidential (NASA) candidate Hon. Raila Odinga was snubbed by President Uhuru Kenyatta while attending the 54th Madaraka Day Celebrations at Kabiru-ini, Nyeri County. The president and his deputy clearly avoided mentioning the name of the opposition candidate during their speeches. This was different from their past approach where they criticized the […]

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Politics in Kenya


31st May 2017

POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS ON THE HOME STRETCH  Politics is a dirty game. Who can sanitize it? This is a very disturbing question. In Kenya, the campaigns for political offices have commenced in earnest. We are on the homestretch towards electing our leaders during the general elections slated for 8th August. This is a special day. Let’s use […]

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media strategies


23rd May 2017

MEDIA STRATEGIES TO ENHANCE YOUR POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS Use of media strategies for campaigns is very crucial in political campaigns. In this article we will explore ways of making sure you are broadcast on television and covered on print newspaper. If you are campaigning for president or governor position and you lack a media strategy, then […]

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Political campaigns

Cost of Elections in Kenya

23rd May 2017

How Expensive Are Elections in Kenya? Elections in Kenya have been reported to be very expensive. The two leading political parties have lined up deep pockets in preparation for the August 8 elections. The politicians and their political parties are planning to invest a fortune of Information Technology (IT), hiring of foreign advisers, helicopters and […]

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Ending Voter Bribery in Kenya

13th May 2017

Voter Bribery Belongs to the Annals of Kenyan History The Center for Multi-Party Democracy (CMD) released a report on voter bribery in Kenya. The report has called voter bribery a fraud and a subversion of democracy. According to Collins English election rigging is the act of organizing an election to get a specific result through […]

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Kenya political campaigns 2017

Kenya political campaigns 2017 heating up in Kenya

17th April 2017

Kenya 2017 Political Campaigns  This is a time for Kenya political campaigns. Many political aspirants are fighting to get as many votes as possible. They use all means to get your eyeballs including but not limited to use of posters, flyers, banners, radio and television advertisements. Competition The competition between politicians for space on walls and […]

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Homestretch for Trump and Clinton

26th October 2016

Clinton recently reported that she will now focus on issues as opposed to focusing on Donald Trump. Madam Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States for August elections. She said this after debating Trump for more than four hours. She said this statement after recalling their heated exchange. She said this in […]

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Political Campaign-Financing in Kenya

18th October 2016

Political Campaign-Financing in Kenya In a record two days in earlier October, 2016 the Deputy President William Ruto was reported to have contributed Ksh. 18 million to 6 schools. This rekindles memories of how KANU spent money in 1992 at the advent of multi-party democracy in Kenya. At that time, Kanu was the incumbent party […]

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campaign financing

REVEALED: Elections Campaign-Financing in Kenya

7th September 2016

Campaign financing has always been a very expensive affair all over the world. In this blog we will be tracking campaign financing in Kenya for the 2017 General elections. We will give our non-partisan analyzes and opinions.  We have already witnesses mega investments in preparations for the campaigns by the Jubilee Party. numerous Fuel Guzzlers, […]

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