Catholic church takes drastic steps against corruption

6th October 2019

The Catholic church has taken drastic action towards combating corruption. This was in response to a request by President Uhuru Kenyatta who called upon the church and the private sector to help in the fight against corruption.  political remarks in the church are prohibited;  all churches will have a desk where crimes will be reported;  […]

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3 billionaires discuss the future of Africa

28th September 2019

Three billionaires discuss how Family Planning will play a role in Africa’s future. Bill Gates meet with two of Africa’s richest men, Aliko Dangote and Mo Ibrahim. On the agenda was the discussion about family planning and its role in the future of Africa. Africa can reach her potential in the coming years. The meeting […]

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Kenyan advertises on local daily in search for employment

10th September 2019

Kenyans are innovative in ways of searching for employment. One Kenyan has gone a notch higher by advertising his/her skills on one of the local daily newspapers.  This is a sign that we are in difficult times with unemployment shooting to the roof.  This advert was on the back page and as you may be […]

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What is The Paris Club?

12th August 2019

What is The Paris Club? The Paris Club is a group of people (read officials) representing a number of countries which give out loans. Their mandate is to formulate sustainable solutions to the countries struggling to pay their debts. After borrowing countries “debtor countries” start reforms to stabilize their financial situation, The Paris Club gives […]

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5 ways to finance public budget deficit 

12th August 2019

5 ways to finance public budget deficit  Budget deficit is when a government is spending more that it can raise in revenues over a specific period of time.  There are various strategies of financing government deficits:  a) Borrowing from the domestic and foreign money markets;  This happens through issuing of treasury bonds, bills and securities. […]

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Judy Shelton

10th August 2019

Judy Shelton Judy Shelton is President Donald Trump’s economic advisor. However, she is a black sheep in the economics field considering that she advocates for the re-adoption of the gold standard. This is a concept which was abandoned in 1971.  Secondly, Judy Shelton criticizes the Federal Reserve on every turn.  On July 2, 2019 President […]

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Members of Kenya Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)

6th August 2019

Members of Kenya Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) According to the Central Bank of Kenya Act, “there shall be a committee of the bank to be known as the Monetary Policy Committee of Central Bank of Kenya, which shall have the responsibility within the bank of formulating monetary policy.”  Members of MPC  Central Bank Governor – […]

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Leissez-faire philosophy of public finance

5th August 2019

Leissez-faire philosophy of public finance According to Merriam Webster dictionary, Leissez-faire is a “doctrine which opposes government interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights.”  In 2008 Nicholas Sarkozy, Conservative French President, proclaimed that “leissez-faire is finished.” When governments regulate or intervene, they interfere with the natural […]

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Economic growth vs economic development

19th July 2019

Economic growth vs economic development #PublicPolicySeries  Many people use interchangeably the terms economic growth and economic development. These are not synonyms and as a result, let me attempt to differentiate between the two.  Economic growth focuses largely on growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) whereas economic development focuses reducing inequality, unemployment and poverty.  The diagram […]

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Building the nation

1st July 2019

Building the nation  I have to categorically state that this was my favorite poem while I was in high school. It still is.  Poem by: Henry Barlow  “Today I did my share in building the nation.I drove a Permanent Secretary to an important, urgent functionIn fact, to a luncheon at the Vic. The menu reflected […]

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Green Economy Strategy

15th June 2019

Green Economy Strategy Green Economy strategy by the government aims at conserving the environment. The national government has ban on single use plastics in all protected areas such as beaches, National Parks, conservation areas and forests. This ban shall comment into effect on 5 June 2020. Wikipedia defines Green Economy as “an economy that aims […]

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How much is your county contributing towards national GDP?

19th February 2019

How much is your county contributing towards national GDP? Read More: Mombasa County financial performance during first quarter FY 2018/2019   Sharing is Caring:0

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Blue economy conference in Nairobi

Blue economy in Kenya

7th February 2019

Blue economy in Kenya This is a new concept in Kenya, but it seems the national government is committed to advancing it to higher levels. Here is what the state has said about blue economy: “On the blue economy, Kenya successfully hosted the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference in November 2018 which reflects the Government’s commitment […]

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car free days

Implementation of car-free days in Nairobi City deferred until further notice

2nd February 2019

Implementation of car-free days in Nairobi City deferred until further notice The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works made a press release announcing that the planned two car-free days has been deferred to pave way for “capture of the bio-metric data of the traders using BVR kits has not been completed […]

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Green City Under the Sun

Nairobi City or the”Green City in the sun” under construction

1st February 2019

Nairobi was known as the Green City under the sun, has anything changed?

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Paulo Guedes

Meet Paulo Guedes Brazil’s economic advisor

8th November 2018

Meet Paulo Guedes Brazil’s economic advisor Paulo Guedes is the new economic advisor for Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro. He will also work as the Minister of Economy. He is the founder of BR Investimentos which is a financial firm based in Brazil. Paulo earned his PhD in Economics from Chicago University (1978) and subsequently played […]

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Manuel Moses, IFC Kenya Country Manager briefing Civil Society Organization on what IFC is working on.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Projects in Kenya

6th October 2018

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Projects in Kenya According to Manuel Moses – the International Finance Corporation (IFC) country manager- the multilateral agency is assisting refugee communities in Kakuma Refugee Camp based in Turkana County. The economy of Kakuma has been valued at USD$56 million (equivalent to KES. 5.6 billion). If Kakuma was a city, it […]

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Kemi Adeosun, Nigerian Finance Minister


15th September 2018

NIGERIA’S FINANCE MINISTER, KEMI ADEOSUN, RESIGNS OVER ALLEGED FORGERY OF NYSC CERTIFICATE  Nigeria’s finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, resigned over a NYSC Certificate Scandal which we will cover in full details later on. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from University of East London as well a post graduate Diploma in Public Sector […]

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7th September 2018

Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies have attracted a lot of attention in both the academic world and by practitioners. The three most common cryptocurrencies are: a) Bitcoin b) Ripple c) Ethereum It’s is interesting to note that cryptocurrencies have no exposure to the securities/stock market associated risk factors. Cryptocurrencies can serve many functions including as a medium of […]

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Bank of Canada

Can governments default on sovereign debt?

6th September 2018

 Can governments default on sovereign debt? “A long-held view by some investors is that governments rarely default on local or domestic currency sovereign debt. After all, they say, governments can service these obligations by printing money, which in turn can reduce the real burden of debt through inflation and dramatically so in cases like Germany […]

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