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Consent is everybody’s business

21st August 2019

Consent is everybody’s business   Notes:  93% of land concessions on logging, agriculture, oil and gas and mining among others are inhabited;  90% of community land and indigenous people do not have title deeds hence the need for Freed Prior Informed Consent to prevent possible violation of human rights;  At least 3 people are murdered every […]

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Jim Yong Kim

World Bank announces Jim Yong Kim resignation

8th January 2019

World Bank announces Jim Yong Kim resignation The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has suddenly resigned which is nearly three years before the end of his term. He announced that he shall vacate office from next month. The resignation of Jim Yong Kim opens a vacancy at the World Bank which United States is […]

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Photo: World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer

World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer Resigns

26th January 2018

World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer Resigns Josh Zumbrum writing for the Wall Street Journal has reported the resignation of World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer. He resigned yesterday exactly 2 weeks after he apologized to Chile on how the nation was treated in the recent World Bank reports on Ease of Doing Business. Jim […]

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World Trade Organization

World Trade Organization is a liability according to Dr. Carmen Dorobat

9th December 2017

World Trade Organization is a liability according to Dr. Carmen Dorobat On 11th December 2017, World Trade Organization officials are scheduled to meet for the 11th ministerial conference in Buenos Aires. Dr. Carmen Dorobat, Assistant Professor of Business at Leeds University has provided great insights into the work and failures of World Trade Organization and […]

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Me reading books this week

My Crazy Reading List of the week

6th November 2017

My Crazy Reading List of the week This week I’ve made a resolution to read intensively on the topics listed below. I’m going to read each and every document listed below and share a summary of findings under each title. This means I’ll dedicate hours and hours of in-depth reading. This is a challenge I’ve […]

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World Bank Grounds Needs to Do More

16th October 2017

World Bank Group (WBG) Needs to Do More Taxation is the leading source of income for many developing countries around the world according to World Bank Group (WBG). In the past, we’ve observed capital controls and protectionism as a means for developing countries to protect their industries from global competition. It is sad that a […]

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Dame Minouche Shafik new director for LSE. Source: wikimedia Commons

DAME Minouche Shafik of London School of Economics

4th September 2017

DAME Minouche Shafik of London School of Economics DAME Minouche Shafik will become the Director of London School of Economics starting from tomorrow Friday, 1st September, 2017. Shafik is an economist by training and has worked extensively in academia and public policy. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from University of […]

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United Nations

Trump Slashes United Nations Budget

25th March 2017

UNITED NATIONS BUDGET SLASHED  United Nations budget was slashed by Donald Trump, a man who ascended to presidency with the promise that he will make America great. In his effort to achieve that end, he has come up with drastic measures. One of the most recent measures was to cut the budget for United Nations […]

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Jane Kiringai

Jane Kiringai, the new Commission of Revenue Allocation Chair

7th February 2017

JANE KIRINGAI, NEW CRA CHAIRPERSON Jane Kiringai is the new Commission of Revenue Allocation Chair. She was formerly a senior economist at the World Bank. She was head-hunted by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Jane replaced the former CRA chair Mr. Micah Cheserem. The previous commission served up to December, 2016. Jane has a lot of work […]

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Blog4Dev and win a trip to Washington DC

6th January 2017

World Bank has announced an opportunity for young bloggers to get a chance for training  and visit World Bank headquarters in Washington DC through Blog4Dev. Applications are invited from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The common requirements for the three countries are as follows: Aged between 18 to 28 years living in your home country (Rwanda, Uganda […]

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Lawrence “Larry” Summers: A great economist by all standards!

22nd August 2013

Lawrence “Larry” Summers is an American Economist who was born on 30th November, 1954. He is currently a candidate as a Fed Reserve chair. Lawrence Summers has always been in the middle of controversies in his academic and political career. He has severally reached what others consider the pinnacle of life’s work.  Position Institution Period Professor […]

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