World Trade Organization

World Trade Organization is a liability according to Dr. Carmen Dorobat

9th December 2017

World Trade Organization is a liability according to Dr. Carmen Dorobat On 11th December 2017, World Trade Organization officials are scheduled to meet for the 11th ministerial conference in Buenos Aires. Dr. Carmen Dorobat, Assistant Professor of Business at Leeds University has provided great insights into the work and failures of World Trade Organization and […]

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International Monetary Fund

Influence of International Monetary Fund (IMF)

23rd November 2017

Influence of International Monetary Fund (IMF) “Between 1980 to 2000 International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies were most influential in developing countries.”   Read More: Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Economic growth Job separation and geographical mobility Sharing is Caring:0

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Me reading books this week

My Crazy Reading List of the week

6th November 2017

My Crazy Reading List of the week This week I’ve made a resolution to read intensively on the topics listed below. I’m going to read each and every document listed below and share a summary of findings under each title. This means I’ll dedicate hours and hours of in-depth reading. This is a challenge I’ve […]

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1st November 2017

SUKUK MARKET Sukuk Market was created as an alternative to the ordinary bonds. This is because the latter offers interest while Sukuk offers profits. Therefore, we can say that Sukuk is sharia compliant and most acceptable by the Muslim countries. Currently Malaysia is the largest Sukuk Market. Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates have most recently […]

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Dame Minouche Shafik new director for LSE. Source: wikimedia Commons

DAME Minouche Shafik of London School of Economics

4th September 2017

DAME Minouche Shafik of London School of Economics DAME Minouche Shafik will become the Director of London School of Economics starting from tomorrow Friday, 1st September, 2017. Shafik is an economist by training and has worked extensively in academia and public policy. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from University of […]

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Greece debt

Greece and Debt Repayments

25th May 2017

Financial Assistance or Debt Relief for Greece? Over many years it has been known that governments do not default on their debt repayments. People do. This believe is fast fading considering that apart from Greece, there are four other countries which have defaulted on their repayments. These are: Argentina, Ecuador, Belize and Jamaica.  On this […]

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IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde found guilty of negligence!!!!

19th December 2016

Christine Lagarde, the head of International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been found guilty of negligence in her handling of a fraud case. This ruling was made by a French court. According to a report by CNN, the court was made up of magistrates and members of parliament (special court). It further stated that Lagarde will […]

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