Obunga residents in Kisumu accuse residents of Tom Mboya Estate of violating their rights

17th September 2019

Script  Host: Tell us your full names and where you come from.. Obunga resident: Thank you. My name is Joseph Ochieng’ and I’m a resident of Obunga. I was born and raised in Obunga informal settlements. I’ve stayed in Obunga for over 30 years now. Host: What work do you do here in Kisumu? Obunga […]

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Seun Onigbinde has resigned as Technical Advisor to the Minister for Budget and National Planning

16th September 2019

Seun Onigbinde who is the Co-founder of BudgIT, has resigned as the Technical Adviser to the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning.  Seun made his announcement on Medium before sharing the link via his Twitter account. Twitter was lit on fire following the appointment of Seun Onigbinde to the Buhari government. This was […]

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Mangosuthu Buthelezi, chief of Zulu people of South Africa, calls for end of Xenophobia

10th September 2019

On 8th Sep 2019, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the Chief of the Zulu people of South Africa addressed angry South Africans who were shouting “foreigners must go.”  The chief advised his people than many African nations played a key role in helping South Africa get independence from the grip of Apartheid.  Read More: Evacuation of Nigerians from […]

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“Idaho has the highest rate of child marriages in the U.S,” report

9th September 2019

Idaho state in United States of America does not have minimum age for men and women who want to get married. In fact, a total of 13 states in the US do not have minimum marriage age as of Sep 2019.  This is a great shame and it is ironical that the US federal government […]

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This cruelty on donkeys must be brought to an end

7th September 2019

I saw this video online and it real saddened me. Isn’t there a humane way of slaughtering donkeys if we must slaughter them?  @KSPCAKenya This video was shot in Kenya and you can hear tge accent in the background. I believe there is only one place where donkeys are slaughtered and that is near Naivasha. […]

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Geoffrey Kerosi calls for the end of barbaric xenophobic attacks in South Africa

5th September 2019

Geoffrey Kerosi, a private citizen and prolific blogger based in Nairobi, Kenya, this morning called for an end of the barbaric xenophobic attacks in South Africa.  In the attacks, some lazy South Africans had targeted other African nationals blaming them for  “taking away our jobs.”  I condemn with the strongest terms possible the ongoing xenophobic […]

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We can do more for People Living with disabilities

2nd September 2019

We had a successful twitter chat this afternoon courtesy of the Public Participation Disability Inclusion Project(ADDA).   How do existing laws and government programs affect public participation, either in a positive or negative way? Positive way – Participation of PlWD is enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and various legislations; e.g. Public Finance Management Act […]

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Twitter chat: People with disabilities in public participation

2nd September 2019

Join us today from 12 noon to discuss about “People with disabilities in public participation.”  The Twitter chat was organized by @AddaAfrica  #AmKenyan @AddaAfrica will tomorrow hold a TweetChat to discuss the role of people with disabilities in public participation. PWDs are often left out of crucial discussions that affect them with able bodied people making […]

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“Odenda Lumumba has officially left Kenya Land Alliance after two decades tenure,” Kenya Land Alliance tweets

31st August 2019

“Odenda Lumumba has officially left Kenya Land Alliance after two decades tenure,” Kenya Land Alliance tweets     Sharing is Caring:0

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Consent is everybody’s business

21st August 2019

Consent is everybody’s business   Notes:  93% of land concessions on logging, agriculture, oil and gas and mining among others are inhabited;  90% of community land and indigenous people do not have title deeds hence the need for Freed Prior Informed Consent to prevent possible violation of human rights;  At least 3 people are murdered every […]

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Highlights of Narok County CIDP 2018-2022

11th July 2019

Highlights of Narok County CIDP 2018-2022 Narok County is named after Enkale Narok, a river which flows across the town. Narok County is famous for the Great Wilderbeast Migration which is actually one of the “seven Wonder of the World.” Farmers in Narok County grow Maize, Irish potatoes, barley and horticultural crops. Gold is mined […]

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Advocating for public budget estimates be presented in spreadsheets?

4th June 2019

Advocating for public budget estimates be presented in spreadsheets? In the spit of Public budgets, all county budgets should be presented in form of spreadsheets. My friend Mr. James Muraguri of IPF Kenya would always say, “machine readable” formats. Public Budget analysts undergo a lot of stress converting the pdf documents into spreadsheets in order […]

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USAWA Festivals

Usawa Festival call for Auditions

9th January 2019

Usawa Festival call for Auditions Usawa Festivals has called for applications for auditions on Saturday 12 January, 2018. Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Venue: AACC Desmond Tutu Conference Center Theme: Inequality Target: Musicians, poets/spoken word, dancers and Theater Acts Those who make it will get a chance to perform during the USAWA FESTIVALS to […]

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Germany to recognize intersex people staring January 1 2019

29th December 2018

Germany to recognize intersex people staring January 1 2019 All over the world there are people who are born with both male and female sex organs. These are referred to as intersex people. Read More: inherited wealth in Germany Chocolate spills onto the streets from a German factory Current account surplus in Germany is worrying […]

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Pawa Festival 2018

Photos from Pawa Festival 2018

23rd December 2018

Photos from Pawa Festival 2018 Today 23 December, 2018 Pawa Festivals  was held on Koinange Street in Nairobi City. During this festival a lot of things happen such as poems are recited, photos are exhibited, musicians sing and people share experiences. This is true action on the streets. Read More: PawaFestival faces temporarily setbacks but […]

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Historical land injustice at Kenyan Coast Region

8th December 2018

Historical land injustice at Kenyan Coast Region There are many land issues along the coastal area of Kenya including historical land injustice. This problem has persisted since independence. Lack of security of land tenure leads to more backwardness and underdevelopment in regions of the world. Basic economics shows that land is one of the factors […]

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What is Tenancy at will?

8th December 2018

WHAT IS TENANCY AT WILL?  “Tenancy at will, or estate at will – is a property tenure – to without a lease or written agreement. A tenancy at will arrangement is desirable to tenants and owners wishing to have the flexibility to change rental situations easily and without breaking a contract, “ Investopedia. Read More: […]

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women land rights KE

Women Land Rights in Kenya 

31st August 2018

Women Land Rights in Kenya  08/31/2018 5:48:45 AM I was privileged to be part and parcel of a training hosted by Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya commonly known by its initials (FIDA-Kenya). The training was an eye opener in many fronts of women land rights in Kenya. Lena Ngina Muyanga, the Gender and human […]

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The National Youth Service Kenya and its budget.

Budget for National Youth Service (NYS)

10th June 2018

This article is about the National Youth Service in Kenya and its budget.

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US Senators oppose the Lamu Coal Plant Project

5th June 2018

This project documents the advocacy around Lamu Coal Plant Project along the Kenyan coast.

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