Deserted beaches at the south coast in Ukunda, Kwale County.

It’s low season South Coast of Kenya

15th June 2018

This article documents a trip we made to South Coast of Kenya at a place called Diani. It was off-peak and tourists were few, hotels were operating on a quarter capacity. It was bad for business.

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Ukunda Town


11th June 2018

This article is about Kwale County budget.

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Proposals from Mrima Bwiti Settlement Scheme on use of Royalty Proposals

Residents of Bwiti in Kwale County Proposals on Use of 10% Mining Royalty

16th January 2018

Residents of Bwiti in Kwale County Proposals on Use of 10% Mining Royalty All over the world, people get displaced from their ancestral homes happens to pave way for development projects. When Base Titanium started mining titanium in Kwale County (the largest mining operation in Kenya since independence), residents of Nguluku and Maumba had to […]

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Kwale County Government


6th December 2017

ANALYSIS OF KWALE COUNTY EXECUTIVE AUDIT REPORTS FOR FY 2015/2016 The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is established under Art. 229 of the Constitution of Kenya. The office is mandated to audit and report on “accounts of national and county governments; accounts of all courts; accounts of all funds and authorities of county and […]

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titanium mining

understanding Titanium mining in Kenya

6th May 2017

Understanding Titanium Mining On April, we were privileged to visit the Kwale Sands Project in Ukunda, Kwale County. Our main objective was to learn as much as possible about titanium mining at the South Coast of Kenya.   Read More: INFLATION!! The mining activities commenced on 2013. The mine produces ilmenite, rutile and zircon. These […]

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6th May 2017

EXCITING FLIGHT FROM DIANI TO NAIROBI  On Thursday 4th May, 2017 I flew from Diani to Nairobi. It was so exciting. I will use this article to narrate the interesting story.  The story starts from Diani Hill Inn where I was a resident for a couple of days. I’d very few hours left before catching […]

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Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets

26th April 2017

Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets I’m here at Swahili Beach restaurant, one of the most popular beach hotels in Kenya. It’s on the sea front. The sea waves are violently hitting against the shore with vengeance. Yesterday, the hotel staff told me that the water disappears by 4 p.m. or there about. The sea […]

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In Ukunda Every car a head is a tuk-tuk

26th November 2016

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Nguluku location

The Buffaloes, Pythons and Other Stories from Nguluku

25th November 2016

Nguluku, Ukunda EFFECTS OF MINING ON THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES  On Wednesday 23rd November, 2016 with a group of human rights defenders we visited Nguluku village to witness the progress of mining in Kwale County and find out if there are any human rights violations involved. It is my sincere hope that you the effects of […]

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