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Chicken Transport: 30/4/2017

30th April 2017

Read More: Is it safer flying than driving on roads? NASA flag bearer Sharing is Caring:0

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It’s Safer Flying than Driving on Kenyan Roads

29th April 2017

For a long long time, we’ve been thinking that flying is a dangerous affair. Now we know flying is safer than driving on Kenyan roads. This statement does not rule out the fact that air crashes are fatal whenever they happen. That notwithstanding, the occurrences of air crashes is rare compared to a large number […]

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NASA Flagbearer: What are people saying

28th April 2017

Yesterday, National Supper Alliance (NASA) reveled who will be NASA Flagbearer in the August, 2017 general elections. It’s Eng. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga. The other principals were allocated positions as follows:  Kalonzo Musyoka – Deputy President  Musalia Mudavadi – Premier Cabinet Secretary  Moses Wetangula– Deputy Premier Cabinet Secretary in charge of the economy  Isaac Ruto […]

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Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets

26th April 2017

Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets I’m here at Swahili Beach restaurant, one of the most popular beach hotels in Kenya. It’s on the sea front. The sea waves are violently hitting against the shore with vengeance. Yesterday, the hotel staff told me that the water disappears by 4 p.m. or there about. The sea […]

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Tyler Oakley


25th April 2017

Mathew Tyler Oakley Mathew Tyler Oakley was born in 1989. He is an American activist, YouTuber, humorist and podcast personality. Lots of his activism rotates around LGBT rights in addition to other social rights such as education, healthcare and suicide among LGBT youth. Read More: Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets Mathew Tyler Oakley concentrates […]

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james bond villain

Donald Trump exposes Africa to James Bond Villains

21st April 2017

TRUMP OPENS A PANDORA’S BOX IN AFRICA There is something common in all James Bond villains. They are mostly in their 50’s, white and have some weird behaviors (bloody eyeball, rubs a cat and other similar behaviors) and such villains think they are bigger than the government. Read More: Photo of the day The story […]

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24/7 economy

Garissa Town: 20th April, 2017

20th April 2017

Garissa Town xxxxx Read More: Donald Trump opens a Pandora’s box in Africa Sharing is Caring:0

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Orange Bank

Orange Bank: New Kid on the block

20th April 2017

ORANGE BANK The Orange Telcom of France has announced that they will launch their online banking services on July, 2017. This announcement was made by Orange CEO Stephane Richard. Orange is the largest Telecom company in France.  The company hopes that it will acquire 2 million customers over the next 10 years. The company is […]

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AeroMobil flying cars

AeroMobil Flying Cars

20th April 2017

AeroMobil Flying cars have been launched today at 14th edition of Top Marques auto show in Monaco. AeroMobil is a motor company whose main business is to assemble flying cars. The company has started accepting pre-order for the first editions (limited). In the past, the company had promised to offer the flying cars by 2017. They […]

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Television Aerial

20th April 2017

Read More: Heather B. Armstrong Sharing is Caring:0

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Heather Armstrong

Heather B. Armstrong

20th April 2017

Heather B. Armstrong Heather B. Armstrong one of the most influential women on media. She has over 1 million followers on twitter.  Heather B. Armstrong loves cute dogs. You can read several stories on her website about her adventures with dogs.  Heather once suffered from depression and mental illness.  Heather started the blog […]

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stash of cash in Lagos

Aye Oke Suspended Over $43 Million notes found in Lagos Apartment

19th April 2017

Aye Oke Suspended over the $43 Million found in Lagos Apartment The money was neatly stored in filing cabinets and wardrobes in Lagos. The authorities discovered United States dollars, nairas and sterling pounds.  Read More: A lot to learn from the life of Bruce Lee This economic crime was exposed by a whistle blower after […]

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Bruce Lee


18th April 2017

A Lot to Learn from Life of Bruce Lee Bruce Lee was an actor, martial arts expert and philosopher. Small jobs Bruce Lee started Kung Fu schools in the United States. This is where he taught everyone interested in learning Kung Fu. He was always willing to prove that Kung Fu was better than Karate […]

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Kenya political campaigns 2017

Kenya political campaigns 2017 heating up in Kenya

17th April 2017

Kenya 2017 Political Campaigns  This is a time for Kenya political campaigns. Many political aspirants are fighting to get as many votes as possible. They use all means to get your eyeballs including but not limited to use of posters, flyers, banners, radio and television advertisements. Competition The competition between politicians for space on walls and […]

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Hydrogen Trains a solution towards reducing gas emissions

16th April 2017

HYDROGEN TRAINS FOR LOWER EMISSIONS  Hydrogen trains have been invented to help reduce on gas emissions. This train is nicknamed “Hydrail.” The hydrogen train is powered by hydrogen as the name suggests. This means there is zer0-toxic gas emissions because the output is water. It also emits steam. The hydrogen train has no negative impact […]

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Indian Prime Minister says all Indians should own a house by 2022

16th April 2017

A HOUSE FOR EVERY INDIAN BY 2022 The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the nation that by 2022 every Indian should own a house. The government is working towards that end. He said this during the 75th Indian independence celebrations. Read More: Forbes sports money index If the poorest people of India own a […]

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Christiano Ronaldo

I love the Forbes Sports Money Index- so detailed

15th April 2017

REVEALED: Forbes Sports Money Index  The Forbes Magazine has introduced a powerful Forbes Sports Money Index. The company has been a sports business score keeper for many years.  Now the new index will track everything in sports business. This means more value for the sports news consumers and stakeholders. I’ve always known that sports is […]

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Libya slave markets

Modern Slave Markets in Libya

14th April 2017

Libya Slave Markets – shocking! It’s so sad to learn that slavery is being practiced in Libya.  West Africans are being sold in Libya slave markets. People smuggled through the country are sold and bought in full day light.  This information was revealed by survivors from Libya. The International Organization for Migration has revealed a […]

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ODM cancels Busia Gubernatorial

ODM cancels Busia Gubernatorial results

14th April 2017

ODM cancels Busia Gubernatorial results   Lately Busia County has been on the limelight because of wrong reasons. The contest between Ojaamong and Otwoma had intensified and ended with some irregularities in the outcomes. Chaos had been reported earlier after the Otwoma supporters caused fracas due to delay in announcing the nomination results.  Read More: […]

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Angelina Jolie


14th April 2017

Angelina Jolie buys a home for USD$25 Million Angelina Jolie is planning to acquire some real estate properties in Los Angeles. She is specifically eyeing the Cecil B. DeMille Estate. The estate consists of a 6 bedrooms and 10 bath pads and the asking price was USD$25 million. This is the amount Angelina parted with […]

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