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Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets

I’m here at Swahili Beach restaurant, one of the most popular beach hotels in Kenya. It’s on the sea front. The sea waves are violently hitting against the shore with vengeance. Yesterday, the hotel staff told me that the water disappears by 4 p.m. or there about. The sea goes away to ‘graze’.

Today it was bulging. I arrived here at 2 pm and it is still not safe for me to go out swimming. This requires experienced swimmers like Jason Edward Dunford who has won gold medals all over the globe. 

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The beach hotels are very common in the South Coast. The list of hotels located on the beach is unlimited. There is the Amani Tiwi Beach Resort, The Sands at Nomad, Southern Palms Beach Resort, The Sands at Chale Island among many others. Clearly Kwale County has a large share of beach hotels.

As I have this conversation with you, I’m seated at the Baharini restaurant typing furiously to make sure I share my experiences with you all. These are some of the places that make Kenya is a beautiful country. The host county (Kwale), I guess, earns a lot of income from tourism activities. I will spare some time to check out what is the true status.

A number of these while men and women came here, saw and concurred the area. They are even happily married to the local women. It’s unfortunate that some of these white men depleted their pensions while at it. Can’t return home. Never. There are a number of them doing odd jobs around many tourist attraction areas.

It’s common to meet a white man hawking water on a cart or ‘mkokoteni.” This reminds me of similar cases I saw in Johannesburg, South Africa. I saw on the streets a white man begging for money. Beg. Yes. That is correct. It was quite a scene for me.

All these points to the fact that all people are equal. It doesn’t matter what your skin color or language is. We are equal.

Due to the terrain of this place, the staff transport their kitchen supplies using a wheelbarrow. It is labeled “KITCHEN FOODS.” I guess this labelling is paramount to prevent other works from using the wheelbarrow to transport refuse or other wastes. This will truly contaminate our food!


Since I checked in at Swahili Beach, I have come across several monkey in the hotel premises. There are also signs indicating that visitors should not feed the monkeys. I do not know why. Maybe they get better food from the hotel staff.  

The long tailed monkeys move effortlessly on tree branches. They have mastered the art of tree climbing and switching from one branch to another. This is a skill that comes with practice and adaptation. They are made for that purpose.

Magnificent swimming pools

I’ve enjoyed swimming in the numerous swimming pools in the hotel compound. The swimming pools are magnificent. I’ve never been to a better place than this.


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