On Wednesday 23rd November, 2016 with a group of human rights defenders we visited Nguluku village to witness the progress of mining in Kwale County and find out if there are any human rights violations involved. It is my sincere hope that you the effects of mining to the local communities, the environment, economic and social aspects of the local communities.
What is the administration like?
Nguluku is made up of two locations that is: Mivumoni and Kinondo. Mivumoni location is made up of five villages: nguluku, Nora, Kibwaga, Fingirika and Ngojora. On the other hand, Kinondo is composed of Magaoni, Miembeni, Vumbu and Bumamani.
I was impressed by the rich agricultural land in Kwale.
Crocodiles, pythons and buffaloes
It was scary to learn that the residents of Nguluku share the habitat with wild animals. On commencement of mining activities some residents were compensated and moved away from the villages. A few households (approximately 100) remain intact. They have bravely weathered the storm. The diminishing population in Nguluku has seen world animals invade homesteads.
The killing of goats by crocodiles is common place. Monkeys from the nearby Shimba Hills Reserve destroy maize crops. Buffaloes cause lots of destruction to the local households. This has instilled a lot of fear to the locals. Therefore, they do not get out of the house at night. It is difficult to visit the pit latrine at night.
Rape cases
Now that most of the village is a forest, a rape gang has emerged that rapes women. The residents informed us that it is no longer safe for them to leave their women and girls unprotected. They are targeted by village rapists. These rapists commit their crime with a lot of impunity. Reliable sources told us that they sometimes approach the women in broad daylight even when the men in the household are nearby. This is a crime that we condemn.
Access to basic services
Accessing basic services in Nguluku is a dream. There are no health facilities, schools, piped water as well as proper housing. They are left to live like the wild animals. This is unacceptable and something must be done fast. For instance Duncan Ndegwa Primary School was relocated from its original place to pave way for mining. This is a challenge for the local school going kids. It is a riddle on how they can travel the long distance to school through the forest vested with dangerous wild animals.
Environmental destruction
All of us who visited the village we were sad that soon we will lose the serene environment in Nguluku village. Beautiful coconut trees and rich wildlife will be a thing of the past. Below are some pictures to show you what I mean in this case.

dam on Mukurumuti river in Ukunda
Photo: The dam at Mukurumuti river. The dam is invested with dangerous crocodiles which have caused lots of damage to the livestock of local farmers.
Titanium mining
Photo: Base Titanium Mining activities in Nguluku location.