Affordable housing

Affordable housing is needed in rural areas too

21st October 2018

Read More: Women in development Affordable housing is needed in rural areas too Sharing is Caring:0

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Photo: Swahili housing whose main feature is a roof thatched with Makuti.

Housing architecture at the Coast of Kenya

7th February 2018

Housing architecture at the Coast of Kenya During my work related travels along the coast of Kenya, I have noted that there is a preferred housing architecture by the natives of this land. These houses are usually called Swahili houses. I’ll share several photos on this blog article to highlight common features in the said […]

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Sands Mining Project in Kwale County.

Base Titanium Earns $21 Million in Net Profits

19th October 2017

Base Titanium Limited Earns $21 Million in Net Profits On 28th August 2017, Base Titanium Limited released its Full Year Results to 30 June 2017. The entire mining operations in Kwale County generated $215.5 million in sales. The resulting net profit was $21.5 million. This was an exemplary performance compared to the year 2016 when […]

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titanium mining

understanding Titanium mining in Kenya

6th May 2017

Understanding Titanium Mining On April, we were privileged to visit the Kwale Sands Project in Ukunda, Kwale County. Our main objective was to learn as much as possible about titanium mining at the South Coast of Kenya.   Read More: INFLATION!! The mining activities commenced on 2013. The mine produces ilmenite, rutile and zircon. These […]

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Rain is a blessing

4th May 2017

RAIN IS A BLESSING  Here in Ukunda town it has been raining mostly for the last 2 weeks. The residents are happy. Rainfall is a blessing. The same is the case in other parts of Kenya.  When there was no rain, people cried. Hunger reached it’s climax. People slept on empty stomach most of the […]

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Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets

26th April 2017

Beach Hotels: Nature and humanity meets I’m here at Swahili Beach restaurant, one of the most popular beach hotels in Kenya. It’s on the sea front. The sea waves are violently hitting against the shore with vengeance. Yesterday, the hotel staff told me that the water disappears by 4 p.m. or there about. The sea […]

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1st March 2017

Base Titanium Limited has expanded its board of directors with three new members. Aly-Khan Satchu, John Ngumi and Desterio Oyatsi are the new board members. This moves was informed by the need to bring on board Kenyan residents to add value through their deep local insight. This trio will be joining the current board Chair […]

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Nguluku location

The Buffaloes, Pythons and Other Stories from Nguluku

25th November 2016

Nguluku, Ukunda EFFECTS OF MINING ON THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES  On Wednesday 23rd November, 2016 with a group of human rights defenders we visited Nguluku village to witness the progress of mining in Kwale County and find out if there are any human rights violations involved. It is my sincere hope that you the effects of […]

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New Water Projects worth Billions at Nzoia and Kwale

10th October 2016

WATER INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS 2017 Two international irrigation consultancy companies have signed contracts with the government to design and supervise the construction of Mwache dam and Nzoia Irrigation scheme projects. The projects are worth Ksh 20.7 billion according to the Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Water and Irrigation. Mwache dam in Kwale has been allocated Ksh. […]

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