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For more than two years (2017 and 2018), I worked closely with Jobwe Yusuf and I know he has the interests of the people of Ramisi Ward at heart. 


He was then working under Kwale Youth and Governance Consortium. He currently serves as Board chairperson at the same organization.


Photo: Jobwe Yusuf while raising awareness on Mining Act 2016. Photo was taken in Miembeni village, Msamweni. Credit: Geoffrey Kerosi 

Jobwe Yusuf was a good community mobilizer and did a lot of awareness raising for the communities affected by mining in Msambweni in Kwale. 


He understands good governance and has a good grasp of relevant laws and polices to effectively work as a Member of County Assembly for Ramisi Ward. 


Together we raised awareness on the need for proper  participation in public planning and budgeting. 


Three years ago, Jobwe Yusuf, was at the front line in organizing debates around resource allocation priorities in Ramisi Ward. 


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