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China is leading the US in publishing scientific papers. This was according to a research carried out by Japan’s National Institute of Science and Technology Policy between 2018 and 2020.


According to the report, China comprised of 27.2% of world’s top 1%   most frequently cited scientific papers. US followed with 24.9% and UK with 5.5%. 


Yearly, China published average of 407,181 scientific papers knocking out the US’s 293,434. Materials from China are mainly based on chemistry, engineering and mathematics while those from the US more prolific on clinical medicine, basic life and a physics.

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The US President Joe Biden signed the Chips and Science Act that will fund the research with $200bn over the next ten years. Was firmly opposing the bill according to its embassy in the US.


The report also found out that China has a lot of researchers in the corporate and university sectors distributed over the major countries. This enables it to provide quality scientific papers.


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