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The China’s xuntian space telescope is currently in the making. China has set a mission that by the year 2024, it should have its own space telescope. The telescope will see more compared to NASA’s Hubble telescope. The two countries have been in an increasing tension in recent years.


The China’s telescope will have 2.5 billion pixel camera that will be able to operate for 10 years and cover up to 40% of the sky.


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Nelson, who is the boss at NASA said that efforts should be made to ensure that China’s plans does not succeed. China accused the US of tuning the outer space into a weapon. This comes after NASA opened a National Space Intelligence Center in space.

“It has long pursued a strategy for dominance in space and openly defined outer space as a war-fighting domain,” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, according to the state-run news agency China News Service.

“To achieve its strategy, the US has been aggressively developing and deploying a variety of offensive outer space weapons such as directed energy and Counter Communications System, frequently holding military drills and advancing all-round military buildup and preparedness in outer space.” Zhao Lijian, who is the spokesperson of China’s foreign ministry.

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