A second Canadian gets a death sentence in China

9th May 2019

A second Canadian gets a death sentence in China A Canadian citizen has been sentenced to death in China for trafficking and producing large quantities of methamphetamine. This is the second time that a Canadian has been sentenced to death for drug production as well as smuggling. The Jiangmen Intermediate People’s Court based in Guangdong […]

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Things you do not know about Huduma Namba

4th May 2019

Things you do not know about Huduma Namba It is mandatory for all Kenyans to register and receive unified special identifier codes called Huduma Namba in Swahili. This is in accordance to the Amendment of Registration of Persons Act Section 9A. Other applicable laws which support the collection of biodata are: Registration of Births and […]

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Dog Meat delicacy

Dog meat trade in South Korea is shrinking 

26th December 2018

Dog meat trade in South Korea is shrinking  People in South Korea consume dog meat and animal rights groups are not impressed about this culinary practice. For many years the international community has criticized South Korea’s culture of consuming dog meat and the inhumane treatment of animals. In November 2018, South Korea’s largest slaughter house […]

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Mombasa Port

#SaveMombasaPort is Trending on Twitter

20th December 2018

#SaveMombasaPort is Trending on Twitter Right now #SaveMombasaPort is trending. This happened after the Office of the Auditor General revealed that Mombasa Port had been used as a collateral for a loan which was used for the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). This means that if the state defaults in repayment of this […]

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Swiss Bank Report on Super Rich Getting Richer 

10th November 2018

Swiss Bank report on Super Rich Getting Richer  Swiss Bank report has been released, it shows that the number Ultra-high net Wealth individuals (UHNWI) is increasing. USA has the largest number of of these people at 70,540 followed by China with 16,510 UHNWI. Meanwhile, the world has 2,158 dollar billionaires. These are super rich people. […]

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Book: The Greatest Economists by Linda Yueh

Book Review 1: The Great Economists by Linda Yueh

29th September 2018

Book Review: The Great Economists by Linda Yueh I am currently reading the book titled: The Great Economists: How their ideas can help us Today. The book highlights the work of 12 leading economists and then makes commentaries on how we can use their ideas to a better life today. I have already read Chapter […]

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chinese internet users

802 million internet users in China

26th August 2018

802 million internet users in China According to Statista, 98% of internet users in China are using mobile devices. For instance, there were a total of 802 million internet users in China out of which 788 million accessed internet on their mobile phones. This is quite incredible statistics on internet users in China. Read More: […]

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sanchez Sorondo


24th February 2018

BISHOP SANCHEZ SORONDO PRAISES SOCIALISM Bishop Sanchez Sorondo of Argentina believes that socialism is the next best thing after sliced bread. The good bishop is currently the Chancellor of Pontifical Academy of Sciences. He believes that socialism is good and hence he dislikes capitalism to an extent that he praises China despite it’s crackdown on […]

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Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo, Nobel laureate and political prisoner died in Custody

5th February 2018

Liu Xiaobo, Nobel laureate and political prisoner died in Custody Liu Xiaobo, the political prisoner and Nobel laureate died in Chinese custody. China is facing international criticism for the death of Liu who died at 61 years on 1st February 2017. The Nobel laureate was a democracy campaigner who initiated the non-violent resistance to overcome […]

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stash of cash in Lagos

Five Countries Responsible for 66 Percent of Global Debt

31st October 2017

Five Countries Responsible for 66 Percent of Global Debt The countries around the world are indebted to a tune of USD$63 Trillion. Below is a table showing the global debt of the countries: COUNTRY DEBT (BILLIONS) % OF GLOBAL DEBT DEBT: GDP USA $19,947 31.8% 107.1% JAPAN $11,813 18.8% 239.3$ CHINA $4,976 7.9% 44.3% ITALY […]

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China's People's Party

Chinese Communist Party Congress

23rd October 2017

Chinese Communist Party Congress Last week, China’s ruling Community Party had its congress at the Great Hall of the People. This is the most important party event in China. The Congress was attended by 2,300 delegates from all over China. The congress lasted for an entire week starting from 18th October, 2017. Jiayang Fan, a […]

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Current Account Surplus in Germany is Worrying

22nd October 2017

Current Account Surplus in Germany is Worrying Currently among the G20 countries, Current Account Surplus in Germany is an outlier with 250 billion euros every year. Is this a good or bad thing? We are about to discover shortly. Current account surplus is defined as a positive difference between a country’s savings and investment. This […]

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Tencent Headquarters in Nanshan.


27th August 2017

TENCENT THE COLOSSUS CHINESE TECH COMPANY  Tencent Holdings Limited is a Chinese Internet Colossus which was founded 18 years ago in 1998. The company’s headquarters is in Nanshan District, China. The company serves people all over the world. The mother company, Tencent Holdings Limited has operations in payment systems, web portals, e-commerce, multi-player online games, […]

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electric scooters in China

Innovation of Electric Bikes in China

17th June 2017

Innovation of Electric bikes in China There are 340 million Chinese who get to work on electric bikes in China. That is what they can afford. They are yearning to upgrade to something better. It is great to imagine all these Chinese driving cars. The roads will be congested to the core. Traffic jams will […]

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Egyptian Adults are the Most Obese in the World

16th June 2017

EGYPTIAN ADULTS ARE THE MOST OBESE GLOBALLY Egyptian Adults are the most obese in the world, the most recent study published recently has revealed that there are 2 billion obese people around the world. This includes both children and adults. It further reported that the deaths associated with obesity is increasing. This medical study was […]

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Kenya Revenue Authority Miss Targets

25th May 2017

Unfair Bilateral Trade: Kenya Vs China  The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is either too ambitious in setting its targets or it is not doing its work as expected.  In the financial year between July 2016 and March 2017, KRA had a target of Ksh. 1.05 trillion. By July, 2017 KRA had just raised Ksh. 984 […]

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internet addiction

Internet Addition Rehab Camps in China

9th January 2017

INTERNET ADDICTION IS REAL!!! Are you or any of your family member addicted to the internet? If yes, thank God you are not in China. In China there is dangerous internet addiction rehab camps. Parents in China have developed a tendency to send their teenage boys and girls to these camps for “treatment.” It is […]

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Exploring Freelancing in Kenya!!!

31st December 2016

On 21st December, 2016 I interviewed Gideon Masese (Economist), Joshua Moses (Online Freelancer and Statistician) and Fred on the possible effects of proposed American policies under Trump on online jobs (outsourcing). Here is what they had to say:    Below is the full verbatim of the interview:  Geoffrey Kerosi: My name is Geoffrey Kerosi, I […]

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China losses its crown as number 1 foreign creditor of US!!!

19th December 2016

China losses its crown as number 1 foreign creditor of US!!! For a long time, China has been the number one creditor of the United States of America. It reported that China has been dumping U.S government debt in order to prop up her currency. The dollars received from selling US Treasuries are used to […]

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Effects of Trump’s 45% tariff on Chinese goods

7th December 2016

The proposed 45% tariff on Chinese goods  Donald Trump’s stand on China is well known. He blames the country for all American woes. From stated sponsored hacking, climate change to undermining of United States competitiveness. Since Trump was elected president, he has stopped blaming China for the American problems. The only action he has taken […]

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