Public policy

What do people with Masters in Public Policy do?

1st September 2019

What do people with Masters in Public Policy do? I started pursuing a Masters in Public Policy and Administration on January 2019 and I’m hoping to graduate on December, 2020.  Below is an highlight on what we do:  a) we are great problem solvers. b) We have technical communication skills we have mastered how to […]

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Public Policy in Kenya

3rd August 2019

Public Policy in Kenya  The government of the day has promised to reduce unemployment in Kenya, especially youth unemployment through various efforts. As a public policy graduate, suggest five ways in which the government may reduce youth unemployment in Kenya.  Sessional Paper No. 2 of 1985 focusing on unemployment pointed out a number of what […]

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The Research Thesis

18th April 2019

The Research Thesis A research thesis is a written report that documents findings of a research after investigating a specific problem. Past tense is used in writing a thesis. A thesis paper begins with an introduction of the matter under investigation and the reader is informed about the significance of the matter. A discussion of […]

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You have a right to participate in making public budgets in Kenya

21st January 2019

public participation in policy making

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Managing Expectations in mining oil and gas

23rd September 2018

Managing Expectations in mining oil and gas There are numerous issues surrounding the mining oil and gas sector in Kenya. These issues have been on the public discourse. The members of the general public, Civil Society Organizations, mining oil and gas sector corporations and government have been engaged in serious discussions. The debate was largely […]

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