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The Research Thesis

A research thesis is a written report that documents findings of a research after investigating a specific problem. Past tense is used in writing a thesis.
A thesis paper begins with an introduction of the matter under investigation and the reader is informed about the significance of the matter.

A discussion of findings followed by conclusions makes the thesis paper complete. The final thesis report is prepared after data collection, analysis, conclusion and recommendations are made.

The research thesis aims at presenting to the audience original ideas.

Qualities of an effective research Thesis

A well prepared thesis should have the following features:

  1. It should be contestable – This means that it should propose points which are open to debate;
  2. It should be provocative – A good thesis should take a stand and justify the discussions and conclusions;
  3. It should be focused and specific– The title, problem statement, objectives, data collection, analysis and conclusion should be linked.
  4. Flexibility- Evidence should lead the research to a conclusion which was not expected;
  5. Avoid vague language – Avoid us of the first person such as “In my opinion”, “it seems” or “I believe” among other related phrases.

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