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Types of Research

There are two types of research that is qualitative and quantitative research.


 This is a form of research which involves description. For example, case studies of institutions and communities.

Strategies used in qualitative research include: focused group discussions, questionnaires and interviewing.

Qualitative research is also referred to as naturalistic inquiry or field studies. Qualitative research aims at finding meanings and not frequency.

This method is appropriate for studying selected events, cases or issues in depth or in a detailed way.

Forms of qualitative Research

  • Ethnographies – detailed observations of groups
  • Phenomenological studies: study of subjects over a period of time through developing relationships with them and reporting the findings on research experiences.
  • Case studies: use of a variety of data to investigate the subject over time by activity.

Quantitative Research

This type of research is based on the principle of verifiability. This means that the researcher’s aim is to proof, substantiate, corroborate or confirm. The researcher’s interpretation or feelings are not considered in this type of research.

In quantitative research, the research tries as much as possible to be detached from the study to avoid bias.

Where applicable?

  • When the researcher introduces statistical elements to the study such as how many?
  • When frequencies are need to explain meaning

Can qualitative and quantitative types of research be used together?

Yes. These two methods are complimentary. This means that they can be used together is a research in order to maximize the strengths or minimize the limitations of each type.

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