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Managing Expectations in mining oil and gas

There are numerous issues surrounding the mining oil and gas sector in Kenya. These issues have been on the public discourse. The members of the general public, Civil Society Organizations, mining oil and gas sector corporations and government have been engaged in serious discussions. The debate was largely rotating around seeking ways to strike balance and manage expectations.

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Tullow Oil informed the participants that oil production requires land and plenty of water. In fact, for the company to extract a barrel of oil, an equivalent amount of water is needed.

Tullow Oil reported that they have spent a total of Ksh. 4.1 billion between 2011 and May 2018 and 95% of the company employees are Kenyan nationals.

Currently, Tullow has provided a total of 30 boreholes to the residents of Turkana County to provide clean water for human and livestock consumption.

Many Kenyans are excited by the news that Kenya will soon join six (6) other African oil producing countries. The outstanding question is whether the country will avoid the resource curse unlike those other countries.

Members of the Civil Society asked Tullow Oil to share how  community reactions against mining oil and gas companies influence its business.

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