Oil and Gas

Jukwaa la madini, mafuta na gesi 2019

23rd September 2019

Since the 1950s Kenya has engaged in the extractives (oil, gas and mining) sector. In 2012 the Government announced the discovery of commercial quantities of Oil in Turkana. The 2012 announcement, coupled with the creation of County Governments in 2013 began the Kenyan discussion on the upstream oil and gas sector. Host communities expect rapid […]

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Kenya Oil and gas sector plans 2018-2022

13th September 2019

The national treasury launched the budget making process for FY 2020/2021. This time round the Sector Working groups will play a key role in coming up with the sector budget.  Key projects to be implemented from 2018-2022:  –Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS) to continue  –Lokichar-Lamu crude oil pipeline to be constructed (840 kilometers) Read details […]

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Technologies used in the Oil and gas Industry

14th May 2019

Technologies used in the Oil and gas Industry   There are numerous modern technologies used in oil and gas industry. These are as illustrated below: Scada Technology Scada technology has the capabilities to control all aspects of oil wells in many countries. It helps to put valves before and after sensitive areas Subsea well Testing […]

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Advanced chemical, oil and gas spill management

8th May 2019

Advanced chemical, oil and gas spill management Between 23 and 26 April, 2019 I participated in an advanced course on chemical and oil spill management. I learnt numerous lessons which I am going to share with you in this article in a moment. The training was organized by Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Kenya Petroleum […]

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Stages in Oil and Gas production process

23rd April 2019

Stages in Oil and Gas production process Hopefully Kenya will one day become an oil producing country in Africa. Here are a few notes to help you understand what is going on or what usually happens in the process of producing oil an gas. This one of a series of articles aimed at creating public […]

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From Acquisition to decommissioning

23rd April 2019

From Acquisition to decommissioning The oil and gas production processes starts with desk study where feasible areas are identified. This is followed by oil and gas corporations visiting countries and seeking for exploration licenses. They then conduct exploration to find out if there is gas and oil reserves. The third stage is appraisal, here the […]

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“Oil and Gas is a Hi-Tech Industry,” say BP CEO

29th January 2019

BP CEO has declared that oil and gas is a hi-tech industry.

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Human rights standards

27th September 2018

Human rights standards When speaking about business and human rights, we refer to all types of businesses and not just the larger businesses. The following are some of the existing human rights standards: Equator Principle There are banks which are adhere to the equator principles. Standard Chartered Bank has said that after consultations, they will not […]

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oil and gas

Platform for Mining Oil and Gas 2018

25th September 2018

Mining Oil and gas industry is relatively new in Kenya but it has a huge potential for growth.

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Managing Expectations in mining oil and gas

23rd September 2018

Managing Expectations in mining oil and gas There are numerous issues surrounding the mining oil and gas sector in Kenya. These issues have been on the public discourse. The members of the general public, Civil Society Organizations, mining oil and gas sector corporations and government have been engaged in serious discussions. The debate was largely […]

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Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa seven years in a row.

Richest man from Africa, Aliko Dangote, for last seven years

18th January 2018

Richest man from Africa, Aliko Dangote, for last seven years Richest man from Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, is a Nigerian Tycoon and now the richest man from Africa for seven years in a row. Forbes Magazine which has been tracking global wealth reported that the tycoon is worth $12.2 billion. This means that his net […]

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