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NASA engineers and technicians have been busy building a mega rocket that is now ready for launching. The Artemis I mega moon rocket was  transported to the launchpad for liftoff.


Technicians are done with the checkouts of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft in the Vehicle Assembly Building. The building is located at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


The 98-meter tall spacecraft was carried by the Apollo-era giant NASA crawlers from the place of making to the launchpad where it will be sent to the moon. The crawler is believed to weigh up to 3 million Kilograms.


NASA owned crawler was built in 1965 and have been in operation for 50 years. A professional baseball diamond can fit on top of the crawler.

The crawler

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The rocket will be launched on Monday, August 29 but there will still be backup launch windows on 2 and 5 September. Meanwhile, engineers and technicians are set to prepare the launch systems of the rocket.


The mission of the rocket is to go beyond the moon and then back to earth. In the mission, the rocket will cover a distance of 2.1 million kilometers in the course of 42 days.


It will be the fastest spacecraft ever built by humans travelling 64,000 kilometers beyond the moon.


According to NASA, the rocket will be hotter than compared to previous spacecrafts during the return journey.


On the return mission, the rocket will land in the Pacific Ocean, near San Diego on 10 October.


The rocket will not be manned by humans, instead, it will be operated by Moonikin Campos. This artificial intelligence will collect all the data during the trip that will be used by future human crews.


The craft will carry mementos, toys, 11 Apollo items and three manequins. The manequins will where human crew suits.


The robots are fitted with 5,600 sensors and 34 radiation detectors responsible for recording everything they experience during the lunar trip.


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