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Mr Mohammed Kanyare has got his leg amputated following gun shot at Eldas Constituency that almost costed his life. He was the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission presiding officer at Elnur Tula ward.


Mohammed was in the Eldas Constituency Development Funds (CDF) offices when he suffered the gunshot. He was rushed to Wajir County Hospital for treatment.


According to reports from his close friend, Kanyare was asked to change the election results in favor of one of the candidates in a car before arrival at the CDF offices but he refused. He was then shot in the CDF hall at close range.


 “Inside the CDF Hall, when he was about to hand over the forms and gadgets to the deputy returning officer, someone switched off the lights and Kanyare was shot at close range,” the friend said.

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The independent commission then aborted the election process following the disruption. The elections were arranged to commence the following day when everything was settled.


Chaos were also experienced the following day forcing security agencies to move vote counting process to Wajir town.


The Independent Polishing Oversite Authority (IPOA) is investigating on the case that led to gunshots.


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