Sharing is Caring

There are 5.3 million Facebook Kenya. This number has grown from 4.3 million users in 2015. This is a 18.6% increase in the number of users. 

Facebook Africa estimates that half of this populations are Daily Active Users (DAU). If you open and use your Facebook account every day then you are a DAU. 

In Comparison, there are 8 million Facebook users in South Africa. Facebook statistics shows that over 90% of the Facebook population use mobile devices. 


There are 800 million people in Africa who are not connected  to the internet. This is a great opportunity for internet investors. 

What can each of do to promote people to get online? To start using the internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Can you be part of the solution? 

Share with us on the comments section how you can help us promote internet usage in Kenya. 

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