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Ethiopian Airline

Zambia Airways comes back to live at two decades of poor performance

21st August 2018

The revival of Zambian Airways by Ethiopia is at the center of this story.

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Mercedes launches Croove

16th December 2016

For a long time time, car makers have always sold one car to one individual at time. This model of business is quickly disappearing and Mercedes is using Croove as an end to that outdated model. Croove is a car sharing service which was recently launched in Munich, Germany. Croove is simply a peer-to-peer sharing […]

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Doctors Strike Roundup; Mathari mental Hospital

5th December 2016

It was soooo sad to see over 100 Mathari mental Hospital patients escaping the facility because doctors were away on strike. They jumped from the roof and walked away.  I wonder whether the security guards were also away or is it the doctors who take care of those patients. This is not a laughing matter.  […]

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Facebook Grew by 18% in Kenya

30th August 2016

There are 5.3 million Facebook users in Kenya. This number has grown from 4.3 million users in 2015. This is a 18.6% increase in the number of users.  Facebook Africa estimates that half of this populations are Daily Active Users (DAU). If you open and use your Facebook account every day then you are a […]

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