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United States is calling for Kim Dotcom extradition alongside other Megaupload co-founders with the plans of taking them to court in the US for racketeering, money-laundering and copyright infringement.

These charges stemmed out of the operations of a website owned by the company. The website was founded by Dotcom in 2005 and was at one time the 13th most popular site on the internet. It was used by users to share music, content and movies. This action is considered as copyright infringement at least in the United States.

The website is reported to have made approximately $175 million in 2012 before it was brought down by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The United States reported that Megaupload had cost the copyright holders up to $500 million. The founder says that it is not his fault that users decided to share copyrighted content on his website.

Dotcom was first arrested in 2012 after a police raid at his home. He was later released on bail. In 2015, the judge ruled that Dotcom should be extradited to the United States to face charges there.

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August 30, 2016


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