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William Ruto, the Deputy President of Kenya, has gifted the new Archbishop of Kisumu with a new car which is a Pajero Mitsubishi. The deputy president was accompanied by Chris Wamalwa who is the Kiminini Member of Parliament among other dignitaries.


The car was presented to Archbishop Philip Anyolo during his inauguration ceremony at Uzima University grounds in Kisumu City on Saturday 12-01-2019.


Archbishop Philip Anyolo inauguration ceremony in Kisumu where he received two new vehicles.
Photo: Archbishop Philip Anyolo during a past meeting

In addition to the Pajero Mitsubishi the Catholic church congregants in Kisumu presented a new Toyota V8 to the new Archbishop.


Photo: Deputy Ruto gifted Archbishop Philip Anyolo with the above luxurious Pajero Mitsubishi

A twitter user asked the Archbishop Philip Anyolo to sale the Pajero Mitssubishi and give the money to the poor stating that one car is enough and he should not accept to be bought by the Deputy President.


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