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Boda boda riders have rights too!!!

Today 12 January, 2019 police officers conducted a crackdown starting at the Parking lot of Cooperative bank of Kenya Kawangware branch.

One of our writers was at the scene when one of the armed police officers providing security at the bank started harassing the boda boda riders who had parked their motorcycles at the bank parking lot.

These gentlemen had either brought customers to the bank or had come to withdraw/deposit their own money at the bank.

It’s so unfair for to be harassed or be asked to give a bribe based on a fact that you did not carry your driving license. The laws of Kenya provides that a motorist has 24 hours to make available their driving licenses to the traffic police officers.

However, some police officers do not want to hear that. This is against the rights of the motorists.

Respect rights of riders

Let us collectively demand respect for the rights of boda boda riders across the country. These riders are brothers, sisters, fathers and even grandfathers. They are looking for a livelihood. That is why they are engaging in the boda boda business.

Boda boda rider and a police officer matching to the police station
Boda boda rider and a police officer matching to the police station

Fighting Corruption

The ongoing war on corruption can never be worn if police officers continue demanding bribes instead of implementing the law to the latter. For instance demanding to be given Ksh. 500 for a rider who is not wearing a reflector jacket only nourishes corruption in Kenya.

The war on corruption should be fought at all levels. Since it is ongoing at the national and county level, we should all say no to corruption on our roads.

If we obey road rules remain sober when riding or driving, the world will be a better place.

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