Nyama Villa Estate in Kayole demolitions leaves behind lots of Pain and suffering

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Nyama Villa Estate in Kayole demolitions leaves behind lots of Pain and suffering

An excess of 10,000 households were displaced after the demolitions in Nyama Villa Estate in Kayole in December 2018. The quest for justice moved to the High Court on 10 January, 2019. The families who were displaced were seeking for compensation.

The displaced families were represented by Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui and they filed a case against Muthithi Investments Limited of invading their residences, providing short notice for them to move out of the houses with their property. This eviction exercise left many families homeless.

Photo: Residents of Nyama Villa Estate in Kayole assessing the extent of damage and loss made from the forced evictions. The residents (over 10,000 families) in their petition before the High Court of Kenya have alleged that they did not receive the three months notice for them to relocate with their property.

The families were also seeking for a suspension of a court order for their eviction. The law stipulates that residents should be given an eviction notice of not less than three months. This notice should be personally served to the people who are to be evicted.

The residents of Nyama Villa Estate in Kayole informed the High Court that no eviction notice was ever given to them.

The residents of Nyama Villa Estate did not stop at that, they also informed the court that the law requires that the notice should have been published on a local daily newspaper.

Photo: Residents of Nyama Villa left stranded and homeless as a result of the forced eviction.

According to the Business Daily newspaper, the homes of over 10,000 families were demolished after the Muthithi Investments owner Peter Maina obtained a court order to evict occupants of the company’s 20 acre piece of land.

Photo: Schools were not spared either as you can see in the above photo. This means that the people’s right to education was also interfered with.

The case hearing will be on January, 15. See photos below for more details.

Mike Sonko Response to the Kayole demolitions

Photo: Being forced to relocated in a short notice has a lot of negative effects including being left homeless. Remember how it takes a lot of time for many people to decide that now they are relocating to another residential area. This is a violation of people’s rights.

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