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Milele radio station presenter Jalang’o shared a short video shot at Milele FM radio station. The video features a lady presenter named Dee aka @presenter001.


“Boss @alex_mwakideu I have always said you can’t work with an independent woman! @presenter001 Is a woman who has money and always think that no man can talk to her! Let her go boss! Pls…this woman cannot be controlled! We almost fought while you were away! She is the best swahili woman presenter but her ego! Sawa tu! Pole @kaka_zema,” said Jalango


Below is the video from Instagram:
Image: Presenter001 causing drama at Milele radio station


“Look at how women are busy defending @presenter001…but if it @kaka_zemawas the one throwing papers and objects at the woman am sure the comments would have been different….. Respect is a two way traffic, the way you want to be respected as a woman is also the way you should respect a man with or without money… I believe @alex_mwakideu will find a solution to this incident…. Zima Kelele Washa Milele,” observed one user on Instagram.




The drama at Milele Radio station attracted lots on online attention and a number of users comment that it was inappropriate for Jalang’o to post the video on social media.



“@kaka_zema big up for doing the honourable n going away bure hapa ungelaumiwa mbaya sana,” a user thanking Kaka Zema for walking away from the drama.



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