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Another wave of powerful earthquake has hit Turkey again. This has happened when the country is struggling to recover from the previous disasters which happened this month.


The 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit central Turkey just days after two other earthquakes hit the boundary near Syria.


The disaster happened at 10.27 am local time and it was recorded by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.


The disaster happened some 40 km south of Aksaray as well as 18 km northeast of Emirgazi and it was 10 km deep in its impact.


According to India Today the earthquake happened in Nigde Province. Initially the earth quake was 7.8 magnitude.


Debris from collapsed building were photographed in Golbasi district which made worse the tool taken on Turkey’s infrastructure.


The new disaster has come at the time when Syria and Turkey had already started the reconstruction process especially on the homes to accommodate millions of people who were displaced.


It is alleged that over 50,000 people had already been killed in the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.


According to Fuat Oktay, Vice President of Turkey, teams have been dispatched into the field to assess the damage caused but “there is no negative situation at the moment.”


He said: ‘Get well soon to all our citizens who were affected by the earthquake in the Bor district of Niğde.


‘Our teams are in the field, the damage assessment work continues. There is no negative situation at the moment. May Allah protect our country and our nation from all kinds of disasters.’


According to reliable information, three people died during the tremor that happened on Monday collapsing buildings and several people were injured in Syria and Turkey.



Previously the two countries experienced catastrophic earthquakes of 7.8 and 7.6 magnitude on Feb 6.


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