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In this article we share the list of all countries reviewed by all treaty bodies. This information is targeting to inform human rights activists around the world on key UN Advocacy Opportunities to tap into.  

The countries listed below will be reviewed in 2023: 

  • :flag-tn: Tunisia (CEDAW, CRPD) 
  • :flag-ma: Morocco (CERD)
  • :flag-eg: Egypt (HRCttee, CAT)
  • :flag-ir: Iran (HRCttee) 
  • :flag-iq: Iraq (CESCR) 
  • :flag-tr: Turkey (CRC)
  • :flag-so: Somalia (HRCttee) 
  • :flag-ug: Uganda (HRCttee)
  • :flag-rw: Rwanda (CESCR, VNR) 
  • :flag-ke: Kenya (CESCR, CRPD)
  • :flag-cd: DRC (VNR, UPR) 
  • :flag-mr: Mauritania (CEDAW, CRPD, HRCttee follow-up, CESCR)
  • :flag-af: Afghanistan (UPR) 
  • :flag-pk: Pakistan (UPR, HRCttee) 



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